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Will Trent Season 1 Finale Recap: Amanda Reveal

Will Trent Season 1 Episode 13

Will Trent Episode 13, titled “It Was the 80s,” is a great way to wrap up a season. As the intriguing case unfolds, additional scars and secrets from the pasts of Will (Ramón Rodriguez), Evelyn, and Amanda are disclosed in the finale episode. In the penultimate episode, Will Trent introduces us to a serial killer who targets the kids that were once fostered by Will. This puts Will, Angela, and Paul Campano in peril. Will is in a special position because of his past interactions with the serial killer. The killer’s motives are unclear, but they clearly involve Will. The fact that the serial killer who murdered his mother is a prenatal relative of his is fascinating. Furthermore, he finally found out who his biological parents were. Will found out that the serial killer has probably kidnapped Angie (Erika Christensen). Her life is in danger. Faith (Iantha Richardson), Will, Mike, and Amanda join forces to stop this psychopath from harming Angie. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Will Trent, finale episode continue reading at tvacute.com.

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Will Trent Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

Will’s house is where everyone has converged in order to look for hints regarding Angie. First, there was the search for the person who kidnapped Angie and who, around 1986, killed several prostitutes, including Will’s mother Lucy. In flashbacks, we see how Angie defended Betty when she was assaulted and how she defended herself. Will, Evelyn, and Amanda Wagner are looking for a link between the perpetrator and the people who were killed. In the year 1986, Butch and Rick warn Amanda and Evelyn that they will be harmed if they do not drop the case against them. Will is taunted in the parking area by the murderer, who nearly runs him over with his car. Butch is the same bully he’s always been, and he feels like Amanda and Evelyn suspect he did something wrong.

Kitty Treadwill, one of the women who was held captive in the 1980s and escaped many years ago, returned to tell Will how she fled and what kind of a monster he is. police officers Amanda and Evelyn have another conversation with James Ulster (Greg Germann). He is under the impression that Butch is a vicious creature. Will, Michael (Jake McLaughlin), and Faith have established a presence at Butch’s location. When Butch considers them, he immediately takes a defensive stance, and shots are fired. Amanda discovered an additional dead body. The female victim appears to have Angie’s appearance. Will loses it, and he has an image of Lucy, who tries to console him and pushes him to think creatively by telling him to seek outside the norm.

During the time that Will is questioning James, Paul is telling Amanda that he noticed the smell of the murderer. Will and James engage in combat. He is on the verge of passing away when Angie comes to and Will takes James into custody. In response, Will gave James a severe beating that left him lying face-up on the floor. In a flash, Will had Angie checked on, and we learned that James had struck her in the back and spine, perhaps paralyzing her. When Will picked James up off the floor, he saw that James had accidentally poisoned himself with the limoncello he had been drinking. Will was fuming at the absence of real justice. In the end, James did make it, and the experience left him in the hospital. Angie was, too, though her doctor gave Will and the others no definitive answer on whether or not Angie would be paralyzed.

In a series of flashbacks, police officer Amanda is seen discovering a dead Lucy and an infant Will and eventually locating him in a trash can after rummaging around the neighborhood. After Will emerged from his memory, Evelyn sat down next to him in the hospital and told him that it was Amanda who had found him all those years ago.

Will learns from Evelyn that Amanda gave him her father’s name and that she attempted to keep him despite the fact that it was the 1980s. They did not permit unmarried women to adopt children.   Will and Amanda met at the hospital vending machine, where Will just said, “Thank you.” The moment was modest, lovely, and emotionally charged. Amanda patted and handed him a little packet containing a necklace that had belonged to his mother Lucy, her eyes welling up as she did so.

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