Who slept with Kevin? The mystery woman is Revealed in This is us Season 6 Episode 14 Recap [The Night Before the Wedding]

This Is Us -Season 6- Episode 14-

Following last week’s Rebecca-centric This Is us episode set on the day of Kate’s wedding, this week’s episode brought us back to “The Night Before the Wedding,” as the title suggests, to investigate the mystery behind Kevin’s apparent amorous tryst.

It may be Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), or the wedding singer, Arielle, according to the clues (Katie Lowes). The episode opens with Kevin, a grade-school student, sitting in class on Valentine’s Day to set the tone for the response. His days as a ladies’ man appear to have started early, as he writes Valentine’s Day cards and exchanges smile with three different girls in his class. From then, we bounce back to the three ladies he might be torn between now, 40 years later, as the puzzle of his newest potentially game-changing romantic adventure comes together. The pieces are listed below.

Who did Kevin choose? Did Kevin and Sophie sort things out?

In This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14, Kevin and Sophie return to the wedding venue. Kevin creates s’mores with his kids at night, all the while stealing glances at Sophie. They meet in the elevator and proceed to Kevin’s room without saying anything. Sophie’s blouse and bra fall off as Kevin and Sophie begin kissing. Kevin, though, remarks that her hair smells the same as they fall asleep on his bed. Sophie panics and puts her top back on, ignoring her bra. She tells him he should like the way her hair now smells. Kevin, perplexed, seeks clarification on what’s going on.

Sophie reveals to her childhood sweetheart that she and Grant used to have an inside joke about Grant pretending to fast-forward while Kevin was on TV. Sophie finally realized she couldn’t do it any longer since she’ll “never be able to fast-forward through you.” Sophie leaves his room because she refuses to go back because they have so much history.

Kevin, who has been rejected, goes to the bar and orders a ginger ale. He sits down with Arielle, who explains that she enjoys watching people and writing song lyrics about them. Arielle reads Kevin the provocative lyrics she scribbled on a napkin and hands it to him. Kevin returns to his room. He runs into Nicky in the corridor, who is bringing ice for him and Edie for reasons Kevin doesn’t want to hear. Nicky gives his nephew a metaphor about a game when Kevin tells him about his romantic problems. He informs him that just when he thought he didn’t have another shot, he found out he did.

Cassidy arrives, and she and Kevin enter Kevin’s room so that he may assist her in unzipping her dress. In his bathroom, she changes into her pajamas. Kevin informs her of Nicky’s metaphor, which appears to suggest Kevin and Cassidy should be together. Cassidy reminds him that she isn’t his person and that he isn’t hers. Anyway, Cassidy claims that they were both hot messes when they met and that despite the fact that they’ve both figured things out, they’re not the same “person.” Kevin grudgingly agrees once more, and the two express their gratitude for their friendship.   Kevin goes to bed alone, despite the fact that he is surrounded by three ladies.

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