Who owns the Pawn Stars Shop Now?

Few reality television programs have captivated viewers’ attention like Pawn Stars.” Since its 2009 History Channel premiere, the program has delighted viewers while offering a unique window into the worlds of pawn shops, antiques, and the intriguing backstories that go along with historical artifacts. But “Pawn Stars” really shines because of its ensemble cast, which is anchored by the endearing Rick Harrison. In addition, if you believe you’ve seen it all, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the “Pawn Stars Do America” series features returning pawn stars. Who Currently Owns Pawn Stars?

In the second season of “Pawn Stars Do America,” Rick Harrison leaves the comforts of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with his son Corey Harrison and the endearing Austin “Chumlee” Russell. They visit American locales in pursuit of the noteworthy, the oddball, and the priceless. Every episode is a brand-new journey, and the enthusiasm is infectious. Having produced more than 600 episodes of the first “Pawn Stars” series, it’s clear that the model is successful and that viewers are captivated. Who Currently Owns Pawn Stars?

Who owns the Pawn Stars Shop Now?

On June 25, 2018, Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. aka “The Old Man” passed away following a fight with Parkinson’s disease.  Harrison delegated his estate to his son Rick. The youngest of Harrison’s three kids, Christopher Keith Harrison, was purposefully left off of the beneficiary list in his father’s will. After his passing, Pawn Stars aired a memorial episode called “A Treasure Remembered” that included interviews and snippets from the program. Rick Harrison is the man behind “Pawn Stars,” the show that has elevated the pawn shop industry to unprecedented levels. Rick’s extraordinary path from being a television celebrity and successful businessman began on March 22, 1965, in Lexington, North Carolina.

Richard Kevin Harrison, also known as Rick, is more than just the owner of a pawn business. He’s an American businessman, a reality TV star, and an authentic historical item expert. He started his pawnbroking career with his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, who was referred to on the show as “The Old Man” with affection. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which father and son founded in 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the start of a family-run enterprise that would win over millions of fans.

But there were obstacles along the way to achievement. Richard Benjamin Harrison, Rick’s father, bravely launched the Gold & Silver Coin Shop, his first thrift shop, on Las Vegas Boulevard South in 1981. Rick had been involved in his father’s business ventures from the beginning and would work diligently by his side during the day and repossess cars at night. The store had to be moved over the years to many places, making the voyage difficult. However, the notion of turning their store into a pawn shop was what really catapulted the Harrisons to celebrity.

Their discovery that fresh pawn licenses could only be issued in accordance with the population of the city was a turning point in their adventure. In order to obtain a highly sought-after pawn license, they needed to closely monitor the city’s constantly expanding populace. As soon as the city’s population surpassed 250,000, they applied and were successful in getting a pawn license. Situated in close proximity to the famous Las Vegas Strip at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was established in 1989.

The Harrisons were able to turn their pawn store into a successful business by working hard and being determined. They were making roughly $3 million in loans a year by 2005, and they were earning about $700,000 in interest. Their store became well-known for its unusual sports memorabilia and the intriguing stories behind them, including a 2001 Super Bowl ring from the New England Patriots. In order to return home, gamblers would pawn their possessions and use it as a haven.

Because of his ability to negotiate and his acute sense of value, Rick Harrison was a perfect fit for the pawnbroking industry. This talent and charm were ultimately responsible for the development of the popular program “Pawn Stars.”

For Rick, it wasn’t an easy road to become a television sensation. After their pawn store was highlighted on “Insomniac with Dave Attell” in 2003, the idea of a reality program centered on the shop was pitched for four years. However, their efforts did not result in success right away. In 2008, Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Leftfield Pictures first proposed the concept of a reality show based in a pawn shop in Las Vegas.

But even the show’s concept had to undergo some modifications before it was brought to the screen. It was originally proposed to HBO, but the network saw fit to develop a Gold & Silver nightly window series more along the lines of Taxicab Confessions. Later, Nancy Dubuc of the History Channel directed changes to the format. The updated program emphasized the interpersonal relationships between the store’s employees and customers while featuring on-camera specialists evaluating the merchandise brought in.

The original plan was to call “Pawn Stars” “Pawning History.” But the choice to rebrand it as “Pawn Stars” was a brilliant marketing move. It capitalized on the term “porn stars,” which made it instantly distinctive and captivating for the audience. Rick Harrison, his father Richard Harrison (referred to as “The Old Man”), his son Corey (“Big Hoss”), and Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey’s childhood friend and coworker, were all featured on the show.

The popularity of “Pawn Stars” went beyond its popularity on television to include the pawn business as a whole. In 2010, Rick Harrison was granted the Pawnbroker of the Year Award by the National Pawnbrokers Association in recognition of his efforts to educate the public about the pawn industry. The popularity of the show skyrocketed in January 2011, when “Pawn Stars” was rated as the History Channel’s highest-rated show and the second-highest reality show overall, behind only “Jersey Shore.”

Rick Harrison’s ascent to celebrity went beyond television. His book, “License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver,” was released in June 2011. Along with his roles as a pawn shop owner and television personality, the book cemented his standing as a renowned author by peaking at No. 22 on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Rick Harrison further cemented his position in the entertainment industry by appearing in other television shows over the years. Alongside his son Corey and Chumlee, he made an appearance as himself in a 2012 episode of the American television sitcom “iCarly.” In an episode of “The Middle,” he played an antique store owner, and that was just four days later.

Rick Harrison was also a force in the advertising industry. He started serving as the face of the Micro Touch One Razor, a men’s personal care shaving product, in 2014. In addition to increasing the product’s attractiveness, his visage and endorsement helped him reach a wider audience outside of “Pawn Stars.”

However, Rick’s impact on television continued after “Pawn Stars.” “United Stuff of America,” a television series created by the same people who produced “Pawn Stars,” debuted on History in June 2014. This series illuminated the histories of significant objects utilized at pivotal points in history. It’s proof of Rick’s ability to captivate audiences with his love of history and original narrative style.

Another program, “Pawnography,” debuted on the History Channel in July 2014. In this episode, Rick Harrison, Chumlee, and Corey faced off against contestants in an effort to keep them from taking home prizes from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s stock. Because of Rick, this game show became popular among “Pawn Stars” fans and had an increased entertainment value.

Although Rick Harrison’s career has been quite successful, his personal life is just as fascinating. He is a father of multiple children and has been married twice. Adam and Corey were the sons he had with his first wife, Kim. After working at the pawnshop for a while, Adam decided to become a plumber. Adam didn’t seem interested in going on the show, according to Corey.

Rick, who has previously been divorced twice, announced his engagement to Deanna Burditt in 2012. On July 21, 2013, the pair got married in Laguna Beach, California, under the officiating of none other than “Counting Cars” actor Danny Koker. As the ring bearer, Chumlee participated in the wedding as well. But in September 2020, the marriage ended in divorce.

Rick Harrison married Amanda Palmer in 2021, marking the start of a new chapter in his personal life. Like the objects that come into his pawn business, his experience with marriages and family life illustrates the ups and downs that life may throw at you.

In addition to being a well-known television personality and pawn shop owner, Rick Harrison is a person with strong political beliefs. In 2020, he endorsed Daniel Rodimer for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district and backed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Because he thinks history shows that less government equals a better economy, his political stance leans toward libertarianism. He identified himself as “more of a libertarian” than a conservative in a 2018 interview with Fox News, stressing the significance of small government in fostering economic growth.

His engagement in politics extended beyond declarations and endorsements. Rick Harrison declared his intention to run for the US Senate in 2023. He disclosed that he had received numerous approaches from members of the political party and was thinking about entering the race. Like he has done in the entertainment and pawn industries, his open-mindedness and willingness to explore new areas show his versatility and desire to positively benefit society.

 Owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and the charming face of “Pawn Stars,” Rick Harrison’s path is proof of perseverance, hard work, and an excellent eye for valuables. Rick has had an amazing life, starting with his early days working with his father in a thrift shop and continuing with the development of a lucrative pawn shop and the beloved television show “Pawn Stars.”

The second season of the “Pawn Stars Do America” offshoot series is proof positive of the show’s lasting popularity. With their excursions outside of the pawn business, Austin “Chumlee” Russell, his son Corey, and Rick Harrison never fail to enthrall audiences. Their enthusiasm for unusual items and engrossing tales is unwavering as they search the nation for historical treasures.

Rick Harrison has created a lasting impression in both his personal and professional lives. His accomplishments in entertainment and pawnbroking, together with his political activity, demonstrate his adaptability and the range of avenues he has pursued. Rick Harrison’s journey serves as a reminder that anyone can transform commonplace objects into treasures and have a lasting impact on the world with perseverance and an astute eye.

Regardless of whether you watch the most recent episode of “Pawn Stars” or keep up with Rick Harrison’s pursuits off the small screen, one thing is certain: Rick Harrison and “Pawn Stars” will always be popular. It’s evidence of the timeless value of narrative, historical context, and human curiosity.

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