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Who is on the Red Phone in the Boy Swallows Universe?

BoySwallowsUniverse Felix Cameron as Eli
The interesting Netflix show Boy Swallows Universe, which is based on Trent Dalton’s book of the same name, follows Eli, a young Australian boy who faces many difficulties in his life. From his drug-addicted mother and stepfather who are involved in the criminal underworld to the strange elements introduced by a broken-down red phone, the show tells a story that is a mix of drama and the struggles of being a teenager.
In “Boy Swallows Universe,” the red phone is a mystery part of the story that makes it more exciting. One of Eli’s brothers, Gus, has scary dreams about the red phone.  There are times in the show when viewers are left thinking about who is calling on that red phone.
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Who is on the Red Phone in the Boy Swallows Universe?

The red phone in the Boy Swallows Universe is a way for Eli and Gus, the brothers, to stay in touch with each other. The younger brother Gus has a special skill that lets him see into the future. The boys think that when they answer the red phone in an escape room, they are talking to a future Gus who is smarter than they are. Because Gus has a strange power, the brothers look to him for advice and help when they are having a hard time in life.
They find comfort in the red phone, especially when things are hard, like when their parents split up, when Eli is bullied, or when Gus dreams about the future. It gives Gus a way to think about his dreams and try to figure out what’s going to happen. There’s a way that the phone works as their own conscience, giving them direction when they need it the most.
Eli’s character grows as the story goes on, and the red phone loses some of its mysterious meaning. And, surprise, surprise, it turns out that the red phone never really had a caller. The boys’ ideas that it was magical were made up because the phone line had been cut off for a long time. This new information makes the story more interesting and shows how powerful beliefs are in shaping how we see things and how we deal with problems. In the end, the red phone in the Boy Swallows Universe represents the brothers’ journey through difficulties, self-discovery, and changes in the way they relate to each other.

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