Who is John Dutton’s Grandfather? Theory Cleared!

In the third episode of 1923, Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) manufactured a firestorm shooting that left many people dead and injured in order to seek revenge on Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford ). In true Taylor Sheridan fashion, a key player was eliminated from the fight earlier than expected. Now that John Dutton, Sr. has passed away, the future of the Dutton family tree is in question (James Badge Dale). Numerous historical facts were presented throughout the program, along with a hint that Jacob Dutton might make it out alive. And Elsa’s voiceover remarks shed light on John and Spencer, her two younger brothers, and their fate (played by Dale and Brandon Sklenar in 1923). Viewers want to know, Who is the father of John Dutton II? therefore let’s find out the answer at tvacute.com.

Jacob will likely be dead when he receives Cara’s letter, according to Cara’s speculation in the very last scene of the episode. However, considering Jacob’s propensity for overcoming death, it’s possible that he will be able to recover from his wounds.

Of her parents’ three children,  “In the first episode, Elsa (Isabel May) said in a voiceover. “only one would live to see their own children grown. Only one would carry the fate of this family through the depression and every other hell the 20th century hurled at them.” The voiceover appeared as viewers watched Spencer and his hunting companions move across an African scene while carrying a killed lion. The first indication that Spencer will continue the family name came from this. Additionally, it appears even more likely since both Elsa and John Sr. have passed away.  We now understand to which of her father’s sons Elsa was alluding when she remarked that only one of them “would live to see their own children grow.”But that wasn’t the brother we were expecting.

Who is the father of John Dutton II?

1923 was probably the year of the second John Dutton’s birth.  Since the moment those terrible words were spoken, viewers have been on the edge of their seats, wondering who, when, how, and why either Spencer or John Sr. (James Badge Dale) will meet their maker, and we certainly didn’t expect it to happen so soon. This appears to suggest that Spencer will now go back to the ranch and succeed his older brother, carrying out his destiny to guide the property “through the depression and every other horror the 20th century threw at them.”

Spencer or Jack, who are both presently engaged in intense relationships, are most likely to conceive a child and give the child the name John Dutton II in honor of the late John. Spencer would be the great-grandfather of John III if Spencer is John II’s father. If Jack is the father of John II, John Sr. would be John III’s great-grandfather.  Spencer or Jack, who are both presently engaged in intense relationships, are most likely to conceive a child and give the child the name John Dutton II in honor of the late John.  So Let’s find out Who is the father of John Dutton II

Who is the father of John Dutton II? Is Spencer the father of John II?

1923 Episode 3 Photos

The way Spencer and Alex talk about their unborn child gives the impression that the Dutton name will be carried on by him. Even though they had only known each other for a few days or even hours, things between Spencer and his new British love progressed rapidly, and by the afternoon of their trip into the country, they had not only become engaged but were also talking about having children. Even though their discussion of their unborn, or even unconceived, a future child was brief, it gave the impression that it was predictive and that the child would be as courageous as the two of them. Their son John Dutton II, the father of Yellowstone protagonist John Dutton III (Kevin Costner), appears to make sense. At the end of episode 3, Spencer received a letter from Helen Mirren’s Cara Dutton asking him to leave Africa after his brother was killed and come back to Montana. If/when he returns home, Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer), his new fiancée, will undoubtedly be by his side.  So  Spencer would be the great-grandfather of John III if Spencer is John II’s father. Although Spencer now appears to be the most likely candidate, she might have been referring to John, Sr. Our bet is on Spencer being John III’s grandfather, though, considering how 1923 presents Spencer as being a more significant man than Jack.

Is Jack the father of John II, John Sr. would be John III’s great-grandfather?

1923 Episode 3 Photos

On the other hand, We don’t yet know if Elizabeth’s gunshot wound will affect her ability to conceive, but the shootout that killed John, Sr. injured both Jack and his fiancée, Elizabeth Strafford (Michelle Randolph). Does this imply that Spencer, not John’s son Jack, will carry on the Dutton family name? It seems plausible given that Elizabeth, Jack’s fiancée, was shot in the stomach, but it calls into doubt everything we believed to be true about the Dutton ancestry.

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