Where to Watch On the Come Up – Sanaa Lathan Movie

Where to Watch On the Come Up - Sanaa Lathan Movie

In the musical comedy On the Come Up,” directed by Sanaa Lathan, Bri, a 16-year-old, is the main character. Bri aspires to be one of the greatest rappers the world has ever seen, eager to follow in her father’s footsteps. The teen musician’s ambition to name it quickly turns into a need when she finds herself in precarious financial circumstances as a result of her mother’s unemployment and the controversies that ensue in Bri. The movie demonstrates how the young rapper shocks the world with her natural talent. Here is all the information we have on On the Come Up.

The music-themed film, which starred Jamila Gray, Sanaa Lathan, and Miles Gutierrez-Riley, introduced audiences to the challenges that young musicians frequently encounter in their quest to become well-known. The circumstances that Bro encounters paint a realistic portrait of the music industry.

When will On the Come Up be available?

On the Come Up will debut in cinemas and on Paramount Plus on Friday, September 23, in the US. On the same date, the film will also be available on Paramount Plus in Canada and Italy. This is only one of the September releases that Paramount Plus included.
On the Come Up won’t be available in the UK anywhere yet, but given there is a Paramount Plus in the UK, it’s likely that it will be there when the film debuts.

On the Come Up is not a Netflix Original. On the Come Up is not a regular feature on Hulu. Don’t be let down by the lack of “On the Come Up” on Amazon Prime. HBO Max doesn’t include “On the Come Up,” but it has plenty of other possibilities in its vast media library.

How Can I Get Free On The Come Up Streaming?

Watch “On the Come Up” for free during a 7-day trial period from Paramount+. We strongly advise all of our readers to watch the movie legally. By purchasing pertinent subscriptions, you can support people who put in the effort to write such great stories.

What’s the storyline of On the Come Up?

According to Paramount Plus, the following is the synopsis:

“On the Come Up is the story of Bri, a gifted 16-year-old rapper, who attempts to take the battle rap scene by storm in order to lift up her family and do right by the legacy of her father — a local hip hop legend whose career was cut short by gang violence. But when her first hit song goes viral for all the wrong reasons, she finds herself torn between the authenticity that got her this far and the false persona that the industry wants to impose upon her.”

Watch On the Come Up Trailer

On The Come, Up’s official trailer, which debuted on August 28, 2022, during the MTV Video Music Awards, is embedded below.

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