Where is Maria Muñoz’s Husband Joel Pellot Now?

CBS 48 Hours has made a name for itself in the world of true crime stories by telling gripping stories that solve puzzles and shine a light on the darkest parts of the human experience. “The Journals of Maria Muñoz,” which airs on December 16, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET, is one of these interesting episodes. There was a stay-at-home mom named Maria Muñoz in Laredo, Texas, with her two young kids and her husband. This episode explains the sad and mysterious death of 31-year-old Maria Muñoz by looking at her writings and showing a personal side of her life. tvacute will explore the disturbing circumstances of Maria’s death, the legal fight for justice, and Joel Pellot’s final destiny in the sections that follow.

Who is Maria Muñoz’s Husband?

Joel Pellot, who is married to Maria Muñoz, is at the center of this sad story. Pellot, who worked as a nurse anesthetist, was the one who called 911 from their home in Laredo, Texas, on the terrible morning of September 22, 2020. Officer Gregorio De La Cruz went to Joel Pellot and Maria Muñoz’s home in Laredo, Texas, in response to a crisis call early in the morning. He was trying to do CPR on his wife Maria while dressed in medical scrubs. Even though Pellot tried to save her and paramedics and police stepped in, Maria Muñoz was declared dead at 3:58 a.m. The details of her death made people suspicious right away.

The circumstances of Maria Muñoz’s death are both sad and unknown. When first responders and officials got to the scene, they saw a lot of strange things. A needle was found on the stairs, a syringe wrapper was found on the ground, and there was an IV bag with medical tools in their home. These results, along with a tiny puncture mark on Maria’s right elbow crease, made people suspicious.

Who Killed Maria Muñoz?


The search for justice was taken over by Marisela Jacaman, who is the top assistant district attorney for Webb County in Laredo, Texas. Assistant DAs Karina Rios and Cristal Calderon, as well as top assistant prosecutor Ana Karen Garza Gutierrez of the 406th district court, worked with her to form a prosecution team made up of only women. They had the difficult job of proving Joel Pellot’s guilt. The case became more interesting when Maria Muñoz’s daily journals were found to be unique pieces of evidence showing what she was doing before the terrible event.

Gregorio De La Cruz, the police officer in charge, saw Pellot avoiding them and found a needle, a syringe wrapper, and IV equipment early that September morning. The analysis showed that Maria Muñoz had died from being high on a mix of drugs, but the exact cause of her death was still unknown. The prosecutors, on the other hand, thought that the evidence led to a darker story.

It was possible to see into Maria Muñoz’s life through her daily journals, which showed her struggles, mental abuse, and how complicated her relationship with Pellot was. These writings gave important background information about Muñoz’s feelings before she died.

During the investigation, Officer De La Cruz’s bodycam video showed Pellot acting strangely. He was seen taking pills from a bottle and then hiding them, which made people wonder if he had anything to do with it. A needle catheter was found on the stairs, and syringes and IV tools were found in a medical bag at the house. This made the case even more confusing.

The lab report showed something very important: Pellot’s first claim that Muñoz overdosed on clonazepam was wrong. Instead, it showed that she was taking seven different drugs, most of which were used during surgery. This finding was the key for the prosecution because it pointed to foul play.

Together, the diaries and the toxicology report showed that Maria’s life was not good. The prosecution’s case was strengthened by claims of an affair, requests for divorce, and proof that Pellot may have given drugs. Joel Pellot was found guilty of killing his wife and tampering with evidence at the end of the hearing on March 30, 2023.

Where is Maria Muñoz’s Husband Joel Pellot Now?

Joel Pellot was found guilty of killing Maria Muñoz and is now serving a life term at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Even though the autopsy report wasn’t clear on the exact cause of death, the mix of drugs found in Maria’s system backed her conviction.

Pellot put pressure on Maria’s sister, who said it was Maria’s wish to be cremated. Together, this deed and the information from Maria’s journals were very important in convicting Pellot. The episode of “The Journals of Maria Muñoz” gives more information about Maria’s life and the events that led to her mysterious death. It’s a powerful lesson on how family problems can affect people.

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