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Where is Dancer Anson “Buzz” Clinton’s Wife Kim Carpenter?

"Buzz" Clinton's Wife Kim Carpenter

One of the reasons Fatal Family Feuds has become so popular is the fact that it examines in great detail the tragic murders that have their roots in lingering family feuds. The show, which has its premiere on December 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, tells the stories of surviving family members, acquaintances, and the committed detectives who pieced together these terrible cases, shedding light on situations in which familial conflicts turn tragic. Anson “Buzz” Clinton III, a 28-year-old man with a turbulent past, is the subject of one such sad occurrence. His story is told in a narrative of love, treachery, and an unexpected demise. As tvacute dives into the mysterious case.

Who are Anson “Buzz” Clinton III and Kim Carpenter?

"Buzz" Clinton's Wife Kim Carpenter

The lives of Kim Carpenter and her husband Anson “Buzz” Clinton III are central to Fatal Family Feuds’ complex tapestry. Kim Carpenter, Beth Ann Carpenter’s younger sister, became involved in a complicated family situation. Kim, a young mother who had recently got divorced, and Beth, a prosperous professional, were on different ends of the life spectrum. The events of Kim’s voyage take place in the context of her union with Buzz, a former exotic dancer with a taste for the wild side. Clinton got to know Kim Carpenter, who had a little girl named Rebecca. He stopped dancing and started working in a nursing home and learning to become a nurse. Clinton and Kim tied the knot on January 17, 1993. Six months later, their daughter Briana was born.

Buzz Clinton’s tragic story takes a terrifying turn on the evening of March 10, 1994, when he was shot and killed on a lonely road the Rocky Neck connector, in the town of East Lyme. Buzz never had the time to adjust to this new chapter in his life, having accepted the responsibilities of maturity after becoming married to Kim and becoming a loving stepfather. Buzz’s in-laws, who were bitter about him, were implicated in the probe, although they had an alibi.

A surprising turn of events in the story reveals that Buzz’s death was not caused by an act of violence at random or a botched drug trade. Rather, it was a carefully orchestrated murder committed for hire. The hit was planned by Beth Ann Carpenter’s boss and lover, and a powerful real estate attorney Haiman Clein, using Mark Despres, a hired gunman. This horrific murder was motivated by Buzz’s alleged maltreatment of his daughter, Rebecca, which resulted in a complex web of deception and family strife.

Where Are The Killers of Buzz” Clinton III?

on March 10, 1994, Clinton was shot five times, twice in the back and chest and once in the head, according to an autopsy. Eventually, Despres admitted to authorities that he had been paid by Clein to kill Buzz Clinton. “Cleein handed him a down payment of $1,500 after they agreed a price of $8,500,” Haiman Clein and Mark Despres, the people who killed Buzz Clinton, had to pay for their crimes. Former Ledyard attorney Clein was convicted guilty of persuading his boyfriend to hire a hitman to kill Buzz. Later, in an attempt to avoid prosecution, he ran away to Ireland; nonetheless, he is presently incarcerated for 35 years. The hired hitman, Mark Despres, was sentenced to 45 years in prison for his involvement in the crime.

Kim Carpenter’s Kids

The children of Kim Carpenter, the innocent onlookers in this family drama, had to deal with the aftermath of their father’s premature passing among the shadows of tragedy. Buzz’s stepdaughter, Rebecca Carpenter, found out about her aunt’s conviction while she was in the fifth grade. Rebecca has a special relationship with her aunt Beth, even though the family has divided loyalties and has different opinions on the case. Rebecca visits Beth in prison regularly. However, as evidence of the fractured allegiances within the family, Buzz’s daughter Briana Clinton Mahoney writes to Haiman Clein and feels her aunt is guilty. As challenging as life has been for Briana, she claimed that Anson B. Clinton IV, her younger brother, has had it far worse. Two months after Buzz Clinton was killed, Kim Carpenter gave birth to his son. According to Briana, her brother and she avoid talking about family history. Rebecca Carpenter still writes letters to her aunt in prison and visits her even though Richard and Cynthia Carpenter have moved to Florida.

Where is Dancer Buzz Clinton’s Wife Kim Carpenter?

Following the catastrophe, 50-year-old Kim Carpenter had to deal with the challenges of being a single mother and working two jobs to provide for her kids. She currently resides in Norwich and, despite the past’s shadows, she keeps shaping her family’s lives. Relationships within the family are still tense because of the divergent perspectives on what happened. Although Kim rarely discusses her sister Beth’s role in her husband’s demise, the fact that her daughters, Rebecca and Briana, are on different sides of the conflict illustrates the long-lasting effects of this tragic family dispute.

Finally, Fatal Family Feuds is a moving reminder of the complex web formed by betrayal, familial ties, and the tremendous effects that reverberate throughout generations. The tale of the Clinton-Carpenter family is a monument to the enduring complexity of love, grief, and the pursuit of justice as much as it is a real crime story.

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