Where Did ‘Heartland’ Take Place? Heartland Ranch Filming Locations

Heartland season 15

Heartland has become the most-watched horse TV show. Throughout the fourteen seasons of this hit series, the performers, producers, and directors do an outstanding job portraying love, sorrow, family, ranch life, and, of course, horses. Heartland debuted on October 14, 2007, and has completed 15 seasons since then. Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, and Alisha Newton have significant parts in the Canadian show. Heartland continues to be one of Canada’s most popular television shows; read on to learn more about where Heartland was shot and other details about the show.

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The Heartland ranch is set in Virginia in Lauren Brooke’s books, According to CBC, Heartland was largely shot in and around Atlanta’s High River neighborhood, with some sequences shot in studios and on location in Calgary. The show accurately depicts rural life in the West and how things work on a horse ranch. In actuality, Alberta has a number of cattle farms and dude ranches, and Heartland is likely to use them as inspiration for its setting. However, when a flood in the area in June 2013, Maggie’s Diner’s standing set was damaged. The major sets of Heartland were thankfully unharmed, and the season seven screenplay was modified to relocate the filming sites from the fictional town of Hudson to Inglewood, a historic neighborhood in Calgary’s downtown area.

Calgary Studios sponsored a behind–the–scenes tour to fans who paid for a one–day Heartlanders for High River fundraiser shortly after the floods. They were able to generate up to $80,000, which aided in the recovery of the community. Currie Barracks, an abandoned military installation, was also used to film several of the show’s scenes.

The filming of Heartland took place on a real ranch in Millarville, Alberta, Canada. Roy Foster and his family relocated to the ranch in 1928 to start raising cattle. Roy’s brother, Les, built the renowned barn featured in the show. Ranch sequences are also shot at a dude ranch not far from the genuine Heartland Ranch, as well as a studio in Calgary. Roy Foster and his family relocated to the ranch in 1928 to start raising cattle. Roy’s brother, Les Foster, built the renowned barn featured in the show.

Is Heartland’s Maggie’s Diner Real?

Heartland's Maggie's Diner Real?
Heartland’s Maggie’s Diner Set

Maggie’s Diner, Tack, and Feed are filmed on an actual set, and it is the only one that fans can visit on a regular basis. When the program isn’t filming, spectators are able to peep through the windows and see the set, even though Maggie’s isn’t an actual operational restaurant. Evelyn’s Memory Lane, a real-life equivalent of Maggie’s, is located in High River. This classic diner is one of the best places to eat in the region, and it’s located on 4th Avenue.

What is the location of Dude Ranch?

The Heartland Dude Ranch is located on Range Road 30 south of the Priddis settlement in Alberta. It’s not far from the original Heartland ranch near Millarville, but it’s also private land.

On Heartland, who owns the horses?

The majority of the horses in Heartland are owned by John Scott. Scott is a well-known actor, stunt performer, head wrangler, and producer. His firm, John Scott Productions, has worked on seven Oscar-winning films, according to Avenue Calgary magazine.

Is it possible for you to visit Heartland Ranch?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit the genuine Heartland Ranch because it is privately held and only the cast and crew are allowed to visit during production. The ranch can be seen from afar, and spectators are allowed to peep inside Maggie’s Diner in High River to observe the scene. The Museum of the Highwood, which houses costumes and props from the show, is also open to fans. If you enjoy the show, High River is a must-see destination. Aside from the museum and Maggie’s cafe. If you’re visiting High River, don’t miss a trip through George Lane Memorial Park. The famed red gazebo that hosted Amy and Georgie’s high school graduation can be found here.

About Heartland Series

‘Heartland,’ which debuted in 2007, begins with a fifteen-year-old Amy and a twenty-three-year-old Lou grieving the death of their mother. The show follows their evolution, particularly Amy’s, from a bewildering high schooler to a widowed single mother who maintains the ranch with her family, over the years. All of the characters dress and use technology in a manner that is appropriate for the present era. Furthermore, as compared to traditional healing approaches, the methods and tactics employed in horse treatments employ contemporary psychological methodologies. Apart from that, Lou and Peter first communicate via email before meeting up for a date, which is rather normal in today’s relationships. As a result, the entire show’s timeline follows the progression of the characters’ lives.  The show takes place on a lovely ranch in Canada, complete with stunning horses and surroundings.

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