When does the first season of The Last of Us premiere?

The Last of Us season 1

Numerous The Last of Us-related projects are in the works. The Last of Us Part 1 by Naughty Dog is the next new-generation remake, but it appears like HBO’s TV adaptation won’t be far behind it.

The Last of Us is without a doubt one of HBO’s most anticipated series, and for a fairly good cause too. Here, we’re discussing a hotly anticipated film adaptation of one of the most well-liked video games in recent memory. When you examine the pedigree here, this show might end up being one of the rare video-game adaptation success stories available. It has the involvement of many excellent people.

HBO’s The Last of Us has finished filming, and we now know that the series will debut on television in early 2023. HBO president Casey Bloys confirmed the show’s premiere date as “closer to early 2023” in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Although cryptic, there is information to be uncovered here. Bloys technically said “closer to” rather than “early 2023,” thus we can presume that HBO’s The Last of Us will air in the middle of spring 2023.

We don’t think it is TOO much to ask for more video content from The Last of Us before the year is over, and that is about all we can hope for.

So much about this program is still a mystery. Only two still images have been made available thus far. Both feature Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey acting as Joel and Ellie. Although a trailer hasn’t been released yet, leaked set videos certainly seem promising. Fans of the franchise will be aware that Naughty Dog always publishes an update on The Last of Us Day, formerly known as Outbreak Day, which falls on September 26. There is a significant probability that HBO will release the first teaser trailer this year. Really hoping they do.

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