What Locations Were Used to Shoot ‘Abbott Elementary’? Is Willard Abbott School a Real Place?

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“One of the best new network sitcoms in years,” according to Entertainment Weekly, and with only a few episodes under its belt, it already has tight, clever humor and a fantastic cast. Abbott Elementary, created by star Quinta Brunson, is set in a fictional inner-city Philadelphia elementary school, where the show’s teachers battle underfunding and callous higher-ups to do the right thing for their pupils. Of course, there are humorous misadventures along the road. Fans eager to know What Locations Were Used to Film ‘Abbott Elementary’? Is Willard Abbott School a Real Place?

Is Willard Abbott School a Real Place?

Brunson based the show on her sixth-grade teacher Joyce Abbott, who grew up in West Philadelphia. The comedian attended a comparable underfunded school to Abbott Elementary, where the teachers encouraged kids to succeed despite the tight budget. Abbott, who digitally reconnected with her timid and talented student during a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode in February 2022, described her as “amazing” but “too hard on herself” at times since she always wanted the best for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Brunson’s experiences inspired the creation of Willard Abbott Elementary, a fictional school. Because she couldn’t use the same name as her childhood school, the comedian chose to name the show after her favorite teacher, West Philadelphia actor Will Smith. Brunson’s character, who idolizes tenured kindergarten teacher Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and credits a figure like her for becoming an educator, is based on Brunson’s real-life inspiration.

What Locations Were Used to shoot ‘Abbott Elementary’?

Abbott Elementary‘ is shot in and around Los Angeles County, California, which is the epicenter of the country’s film and television industries. It’s no surprise, then, that the show’s realistic sets and backdrops are the work of educated industry specialists who know their trade inside and out. According to sources, the workplace comedy is being shot at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, which is located at 4000 Warner Boulevard. Burbank is around a 15-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles.

Because filming takes place on the West Coast, the production team makes sure that Philadelphia, which is closer to the East Coast, is appropriately represented. The team behind the sitcom pays special attention to aspects relevant to the City of Brotherly Love, from the slang terminology utilized in the conversation to the makeup techniques used. “I got to have so much Philadelphia in LA, like the backdrops that looked like 56th and Christian [streets],” Brunson said. Despite the sets being in the City of Angels, viewers may easily immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Philadelphia!

According to reports, scenes from the single-camera comedy were possibly shot at the 20th Television or the 20th Century Studios, both of which are located at 10201 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. The show successfully captures the character of an elementary school with its bright yellow school buses, motivational and colorful artwork on the walls, and mismatched seats in the classrooms. As a result, Los Angeles is an excellent site for filming ‘Abbott Elementary.’

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