What happened in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2? Explained!

 ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2 was a riveting and emotional climax in which all questions surrounding Flight 828 and the looming Death Date were answered. As the last episodes were available on Netflix, viewers learned who made it and what happened in the devastating conclusion. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), Michaela, Olive, and the rest of the passengers are the focus of the story as they take refuge at a campsite as the Death Date approaches. Olive discovers an engraved rock that points the way to Saanvi (Parveen Kaur). Although they are unable to read the inscription, Olive is desperate to uncover some information regarding its significance. What happened in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2?  Who Survives The Death Date?  (tvacute.com) Here is what we currently know about the second part of Manifest’s fourth season.

There is already a sense of urgency since a volcano is swiftly forming in New York Harbor. After seeing Cal’s beacon, the other travelers all head to the campground to wait for him. Cal gives a speech in which he recognizes the value of his own sacrifice in bringing everyone together. The ground shakes violently, and then Flight 828 appears. For Michaela, boarding the plane is a matter of life and death.

Meanwhile, Olive reads the word of forgiveness carved into the rock. She figures out that the acronym “PIXLAZ” represents Al-Zuras and his illustrated journal. Olive learns that the journal is crucial to the pair’s continued existence. While Ben and Michaela are helping people board the plane, the fugitive Angelina (Holly Taylor)  demands that they leave her “ark.” Ben tries to persuade her to come with them, but he stresses that it’s not about her but the end of the world.

When Olive contacts her father after discovering the notebook, she tells him that forgiving others is the only way to make it past the Death Date. Ben, despite Angelina’s previous acts, returns to her in the midst of the tumult and potential peril. He drags her to the airport, and just as they take off, everything around them explodes, just as the vision foretold.

Concerns regarding the plane’s takeoff capability are being voiced in the cockpit. They are saved from the erupting volcano when the lava suddenly hardens in front of them. Some people on board, however, start to exhibit the same symptoms as those who perished on Flight 828, and they spontaneously combust. Saanvi, who is about to die, accepts her fate, but she manages to get through. The travelers begin to doubt their sanity and their mission, but they ultimately come to accept that what they witnessed was genuine.

The passengers get off Flight 828 and walk into the terminal wearing the identical clothes they were wearing when they boarded. They figure out that they’ve gone back in time to April 7, 2013 — the day they were due to touch down. They wonder if it was all a dream but come to terms with what they have experienced. Those who have passed away along the way can be seen again at the airport. What they initially viewed as a sacrifice was shown to be a blessing.

Everyone gets a fresh start, and they bond over their common hardship. All of the people on board Flight 828 agree that the experience permanently altered their lives and bonded them as a group. They’ve picked up some valuable life lessons along the way. TJ reunites with young Olive, and both Jared and Drea are able to track down each other again. Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) breaks up with Jared because she and he have different priorities in life and she thinks he should find someone who understands and respects him.

Saanvi and Alex are reunited once she forgives her. Ben reveals that Cal’s cure will come from Saanvi. Michaela gets an epiphany and runs out of the airport to find Zeke  (Matt Long), who has forgotten her. She tells him to drive since she wants to convey their narrative and they have a lot to talk about.

All things work out in the end, as evidenced by the arrival of the police at the airport and the chance meeting of Jared and Drea. Eleven individuals vanished from a plane, and the authorities are trying to figure out what happened to them. Ben, full of joy and anticipation at the safe return of his loved ones, contemplates the nature of his travel experience. Ben and Grace, Jared and Drea, Michaela, and Zeke—each pair has found their soul mate.

At the end of the book, Michaela thinks back on the day that changed her life forever, April 7, 2013, and how some people declared it impossible while others termed it a miracle. Whatever the case may be, they will never be the same again because of that day.

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