What Happened Between CM Punk and Seth Rollins? Unraveling the Intense WWE Drama

What Happened Between CM Punk and Seth Rollins? – If you have been following professional wrestling closely, chances are you may have witnessed the momentous event at WWE Survivor Series 2023. CM Punk returned after an extended absence, sparking much conversation across all arenas of wrestling. But Punk wasn’t only making headlines for his comeback; his intense hatred towards Seth Rollins (current World Heavyweight Champion) was also highlighted. We will explore this fiery history further by examining why Seth holds such strong feelings against Punk, where this feud started, whether the drama is genuine or scripted.

Why Does Seth Rollins Dislike CM Punk?

The tension between Seth Rollins and CM Punk extends beyond scripted wrestling storylines; it’s an ongoing clash of personalities. After initially benefiting from Punk’s guidance, Rollins soon pitted himself against the self-proclaimed “Best in the World.” Let’s delve deeper into their intriguing rivalry.

At first, Punk played an instrumental role in shaping The Shield’s trajectory and propelling Rollins to stardom within WWE. But as time passed and their relationship evolved, their influence changed significantly; Rollins eventually acknowledged Punk for helping his career and expressed thanks for it.

However, things soon turned sour between Punk and Rollins when Rollins began vocalizing his displeasure over what he perceived to be Punk’s shift in attitude; according to Rollins’ perception, Punk had moved his focus from collective goals back onto himself – something Rollins himself noted when speaking on Fox Sports Radio; Rollins stated: ‘Punk has taken more from us than he has given back – that isn’t right and has lots to give back.” In his words: he added, “He has taken and taken but given nothing back, which I don’t appreciate; that has changed and this time.”

Rollins acknowledged Punk’s influence on his early career but expressed frustration over an apparent difference in their philosophies. Rollins stated that Punk became increasingly self-absorbed over time, widening a divide that only deepened over time.

Rollins’ vocalized outrage at Punk’s return at Survivor Series 2023 wasn’t just a show; it was genuine emotion borne out of longstanding grievances between them that surfaced when all eyes turned towards Punk as the wrestling world celebrated his comeback. While Rollins found it impossible to overlook any unfinished business between them.

When Did The War Between Seth Rollins And CM Punk Start?

The battle between Seth Rollins and CM Punk spans far deeper than just the storyline; it’s been an ongoing saga replete with real and scripted drama that began long before it took place on the wrestling stage. To fully comprehend when it all began, we must trace its development both on and off stage.

2019 was the catalyst that set off discord within WWE when Punk unexpectedly returned as an analyst for WWE Backstage commentaries, marking an unusual intersection of reality and entertainment: Punk found himself locked into a verbal battle with Seth Rollins over who should call “Final Knockdown“.

The battleground extended beyond the television screen into the digital realm, as both opponents engaged in a Twitter war. Rollins, known for his blunt style, publicly challenged Punk to a match, reigniting simmering tensions that had been simmering beneath the surface and reigniting simmering tensions that had been gathering. Their verbal sparring wasn’t just for show; rather, it represented genuine disagreements and clashed egos.

Punk was known for being outspoken. On the WWE Backstage show, he took aim at Rollins by saying, “I want my journalistic integrity intact so this show isn’t about shooting your little angles or tweeting your personal opinions about somebody. Seth (Rollins) needs to stop tweeting his opinions and realize sometimes it is better for someone not to open their mouth than to have to close one and leave any room for doubt.” Thus began an ongoing public war of words within the wrestling community.

As the verbal volleys continued, anticipation for an in-ring clash increased exponentially. Tension reached its zenith at Survivor Series 2023, where Punk’s shocking return prompted Rollins to unleash an explosive response at Punk that was caught on viral footage. Rollins’ unfiltered emotions at this event suggested their relationship is one wrought with animosity dating back to when their strong personalities collided outside of the wrestling ring.

Was Hate Between Seth Rollins and CM Punk Real or Fake?

The intense reaction from Rollins at Survivor Series raised questions: was it genuine or part of a scripted storyline? The answer lies in the complex history between the two. While their real-life disagreements have fueled the drama, reports suggest that WWE might orchestrate the tension for a future storyline. The blurred lines between reality and entertainment add more intrigue to this compelling narrative, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Punk-Rollins saga.

To shed light on this, let’s revisit the words spoken by both parties. In a candid moment at a non-televised live event following Survivor Series, Rollins voiced his strong opinion of Punk:

You guys watch WarGames last night? [Fans chant ‘CM Punk’] You already know how I feel about that. I said as much last night. I’m not gonna waste any more breath on somebody who’s been gone for eight years, has done nothing but try to tear this place down. Instead, I want to take my time… use my breath on talking about the people who’ve been here all along.”

These words reflect Rollins’ genuine frustration and resentment, providing a glimpse into the real emotions behind the scenes.

On the other side of the ring, Punk has been no stranger to expressing his candid opinions. Reflecting on his brief return to WWE Backstage in 2019, Punk dismissed Rollins by saying:

I want my journalistic integrity to be intact, so this isn’t the show where you come on and shoot your little angles. Seth (Rollins) needs to stop tweeting and realize that sometimes it’s better to be viewed as the fool and shut your mouth, or open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

These unfiltered statements highlight the genuine tension that existed between the two, even outside the scripted confines of the wrestling ring.

In conclusion, the clash between CM Punk and Seth Rollins transcends the squared circle. It’s a tale of egos, alliances, and the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling. As these two titans prepare for a showdown, the wrestling world watches with bated breath, eager to witness the culmination of a feud that has captured the imagination of fans around the globe.

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