Watch The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 5 Short Recap – “The Fribourg Confidence”


The last episode 5 called “The Fribourg Confidence” was very interesting. Criminal mastermind Elizabeth Keane is in charge in today’s episode. Three masked criminals scour a specific security deposit box at a bank manager’s house. It contains all kinds of valuables, including a passport with an identical photo with Redington, but they carry only one thing: an Itty-Bitty Thumb Drive.

Redington thinks her daughter Jennifer may not be a bank robber and is jailed
When Red and Cooper fail to catch Keane, Red tells Cooper that he does not think it is a coincidence that Keane stole millions from him, and soon after that the freelancer “finds a costly new lawyer.”

Although we don’t yet know what Liz needs as a freelancer, the reason we all listen to a track in the last moments of the next episode is a song by Hayden Thorpe.

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