Vincent Must Die Movie (2023) Plot And Review

This high-concept film Vincent Must Die (French: Vincent doit mourir), which was written and directed by Mathieu Naert and Stéphan Castang, combines survivalist action, workplace drama, romantic comedy, and psychological suspense to keep viewers interested. The film’s innovative storyline and dark humor, along with Karim Leklou’s riveting performance as Vincent, make for an interesting and thought-provoking cinematic experience. The film delves into societal difficulties within a post-pandemic world, with purposeful ambiguity that invites interpretation and adds interest. Filmmakers skillfully combine several genres to create a narrative that is both thought-provoking and enjoyable.

Vincent Must Die Plot

Karim Leklou plays Vincent, a graphic designer with a somewhat normal life. Suddenly one day, he gets attacked with a laptop by a work intern for no apparent reason. Vincent chooses not to file a police report in spite of the attack, and he goes back to his regular activities despite having a cut on his face and a black eye.

But Vincent has a string of violent confrontations.. He learns that eye contact is a trigger for these attacks, which makes living in an urban area dangerous for him. Vincent heads to his family’s isolated rural vacation house to get away from the threat. There, he hopes, is safety.

Vincent meets Joachim, who also has the same illness, as the story progresses. Joachim invites Vincent to The Sentinel, an online group of people dealing with similar harsh responses. Joachim suggests that Vincent obtain a dog, so he does. Vincent gets a gray bulldog that helps him identify possible attackers.

The film explores a number of genres, such as romantic comedy, dystopian sci-fi, zombie horror, and societal breakdown satire. One of the main plot points is Vincent’s friendship with Margaux, a diner waitress who lives on a boat. Despite the difficulties caused by Vincent’s illness, they become romantically involved.

The film intercuts heartfelt and humorous moments amongst survival challenges, one of which is a notable sequence in which characters engage in combat in a disgusting slime from an overflowing sewage tank. Vincent’s illness takes on a distinctive quality that affects his relationships and outlook on life.

The ending raises the possibility that Vincent’s illness may have a transforming effect on him by making him face his former smug and depressed way of living. The film examines issues of survival, trust, and the unpredictability of existence in a paranoid post-pandemic world.

Vincent Must Die Movie (2023) Plot And Review

Vincent Must Die is a thrilling film that deftly combines several genres to provide viewers with a novel and captivating experience. The film is equal parts quirky romantic comedy, workplace absurdist dramedy, psychological and societal satire, and survivalist thriller with elements of terror and mystery thanks to screenwriter Mathieu Naert’s deft manipulation of multiple genres.

The film’s dark, deadpan humor is a noteworthy feature that gives the romantic comedy parts a quirky touch. A topical and relevant backdrop is provided by the film’s examination of societal themes, such as the normalization of paranoia and the effects of living in a post-pandemic world. The story flows easily, with all of the technical and artistic elements collaborating flawlessly. Even though the film raises certain pointed concerns that are purposefully left unanswered, such why Vincent and others must die and why sunglasses aren’t a thing in Vincent’s universe, these unresolved issues add to the film’s allure by allowing for debate and interpretation.

In conclusion, “Vincent Must Die” is a gripping, genre-busting movie that provides a novel and thrilling cinematic experience. Its unique storytelling style combines romance, humor, suspense, and social commentary. All things considered, it’s a must-watch for anyone looking for a distinctive and engrossing story.

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