Vikings Season 6 Episode 8 Recap – Valhalla Can Wait

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 8  aired on January 22 at 10/9c.

Wednesday night’s episode 8 titled “Valhalla Can Wait” of finale season 6 offers with the fallout of Lagertha’s loss of life and Harald’s crown. It also sets up the warfare between Oleg’s forces and the Vikings. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) has found out of ways Hvitserk has killed his mother, Lagertha, and he’s p*ssed.

While he comes to a decision Hvitserk’s fate, visitors get another flashback scene to while instances were higher and to remind the target market that Bjorn’s father, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) constantly taught his son to rule along with his head and now not his heart.
Bjorn subsequently makes his decision, which means that its time for every other human sacrifice. This time it being Hvitserk, on a timber stake.

Hvitserk, who is so scattered resulting from the medication and PTSD, is definitely cool with his imminent demise. He even tells his brother, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith), that it becomes destiny, and that makes me feel even more sorry for him.

So, they row Hvitserk throughout to the stake and tie him down before setting hearth to him. It seems Bjorn wasn’t serious, and it’s his model of an ill joke. Instead, after the flames start to lick at him, he sends in Ubbe to rescue him. What Bjorn wants is for Hvitserk to be cast aside and suffer as a consequence of the lack of his mother.

Hvitserk has already been there earlier than. Remember, Bjorn? When Lagertha shot Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) within the returned with an arrow? Bjorn has some clue that it becomes his own choice to make Ivar’s (Alex Hogh Andersen) supporters outcasts that delivered all of them to this point.

Speaking of Ivar the Boneless, he and Igor (Oran Glynn O’Donovan) retain to scheme in the back of Prince Oleg’s (Danila Kozlovsky) lower back. Katia (Alicia Agneson) wants an Oleg and Ivar sandwich.Igor tries to assert authority in the front of Oleg.Oleg yells at the kid and threatens him within an inch of his life.

Meanwhile, beneath King Harald Finehair’s (Peter Franzen) rule, paranoia is deciding on the brand new king’s head already. Although to be fair, Bjorn is paranoid too and is already getting ready Kattegat for a possible attack from Harald.

Harald sends out parties to test on the ones he considers threats but discovers a new enemy. As yet, Harald doesn’t recognize anything about them, handiest that they are foreigners.

Prince Oleg sending in raiders to get an experience for Scandinavia for while he subsequently assaults proper. Back in Kattegat, Ubbe, and Torvi (Georgia Hirst), now relieved of their obligations to King Bjorn, decide it is time to go to Iceland.

Finally, Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) catches Bjorn redhanded with Ingrid (Lucy Martin). However, Gunnhild, being a level-headed Viking, gives polygamy as the solution to the truth that Bjorn can’t keep his d*ck in his pants.

Bjorn looks stunned at the idea, however, we all understand that it’s going to likely best take a second for his top head to take over and recognize that this is the proper solution.

Vikings return to History Channel with Episode 9, titled “Resurrection,” on Wednesday, January 29 at 10/9c.

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