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4400 1x13 Promo

In the previous episode 11 of 4400 Reboot,  Rev’s fate is unknown, and our protagonists are constantly threatened by sinister powers. But, like always, there were some bright spots. This episode focused on sibling relationships, including love, devotion, and treachery. After a thrilling penultimate episode, we have a lot to look forward to in the season finale. Read the recap below. So, what’s next? Is there a new episode of 4400 airing tonight on The CW? Are we ready to embark on a journey into some of the world’s other tales? Here’s everything you need to know about the show 4400 Reboot episode 13 release date and promo (

4400 season 1 episode 13 airs tonight, and it’s a major one as its season finale. the finale episode called “Present is Prologue,” is crucial! This is where much of the drama surrounding the returnees will come to a head, and where the entire group will be put in grave peril. As an attack is made on the Bois Blanc, tension will rise and everyone is in danger. Mildred still thinks her sister can be saved.  LaDonna, on the other hand, takes to the streets to try to stop the threat against the 4400. Watch the promo below.

4400 Reboot Episode 1.13 Synopsis:  SEASON FINALE – Tensions rise as an attack is made on the Bois Blanc, putting everyone’s life in danger. Shanice (Brittany Adebumola) and Logan (Cory Jeacoma) do their best to keep Hayden (AMARR) safe, while Claudette (Jaye Ladymore) and Jharrell (Joseph David-Jones) try to reason with Manny (guest star Calvin Seabrooks). Meanwhile, Mildred (Autumn Best) still believes her sister can be saved and LaDonna (Khailah Johnson) takes to the streets in an effort to end the threat against the 4400. The series also stars TL Thompson, Ireon Roach and Derrick A. King. Cheryl Dune directs the episode written by Ariana Jackson & Sunil Nayar (#113). Original airdate 2/14/2022. Every episode of 4400 will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required.

So, will any of these stories have a satisfying conclusion? most likely not. The original version of The 4400 on the USA aired for several seasons. but 4400 on The CW may be canceled. Network know exactly what will happen in the future.

4400 Series Season 1 Episode 13 Release Date

4400 Reboot Season 1 Episode 13 will release on February 14 on The CW Network at 9 p.m. EDT (Eastern Timing). Streaming services such as Hulu, fuboTV, and YouTube TV provide access to the channel. Furthermore, if you are unable to see the first episode live, you may watch it for free on The CW App the following day.

Reboot 4400 CAST BY CW

Brittany Adebumola (Shanice) Joseph David-Jones (Jharrel) Ireon Roach (Keisha) Derrick A. King (Rev Johnson) TL Thompson (Dr. Andre) Cory Jeacoma (Logan) Jaye Ladymore (Claudette) Amarr Wooten (Hayden) Autumn Best (Mildred) Khailah Johnson (Ladonna) Theo Germaine (Noah)

4400 (2021) Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Mildred tests her abilities on a wooden duck. Hayden takes notice of her and keeps a close eye on her. Logan runs in, claiming Rev has been injured. Logan enlists the support of Shanice, Mildred, Andre, Keisha, and Jharrel in order to assist the Rev. The Rev is no longer with us. Logan claims the Rev was just passing through and was stabbed; the bloody knife is still on the floor. Andre is told not to touch anything since it is a crime scene by Keisha. Mildred takes up the knife and places it in a bag using telekinesis. Shanice and Mildred return to the party, informing everyone that the Rev has gone missing and that blood has been found but nobody. Mildred, Ji-Yeun claims, is to blame. Hayden agrees. Ji-Yeun reminds them of Bill Greene’s ordeal with Mildred.

Mildred and her older sister Millicent live in a hippy commune. Mildred explains that they are part of a circle/food chain and that she is relieved to be protected. In their room, LaDonna checks on Mildred. Mildred wants to go because she believes the rest of the 4400 despise her. Mildred is inconsolably upset that Hayden has accused her of being a murderer. Shanice keeps an eye on Logan. Keisha walks in to check on them both. Shanice is concerned that if word gets out that a murder has occurred, the 4400 will be in serious trouble. Claudette is met by Mildred and LaDonna. Mildred receives the packet from Claudette, which contains a purple bracelet. Mildred has now realized that the demonstrators are after her sister. she is adamant about saving her sister.

Shanice informs Andre that Logan has finally fallen asleep, and she is now searching for Hayden. Andre informs Shanice that he and Keisha investigated the crime scene. Andre advises that Shanice dig deeper into Logan’s memories to see if there’s anything else they can learn. In the bar, Claudette is reading. When Keisha arrives and speculates that the violence may be linked to what happened to the Rev. Jharrel never revealed Manny’s abilities, which surprises Keisha. Keisha dials Jharrel’s number. Millicent locates Mildred and LaDonna and the sisters exchange warm embraces. Mildred was kidnapped two years later, according to Millicent. some Men place hoods over Mildred and LaDonna’s heads and haul them away. Millicent informs Mildred that LaDonna is holding a gun to her head in the next room. Millicent relates what occurred to her when she was kidnapped, claiming that Bill Greene at Ypsi Med was friendly to her.  Millicent claims that the Bois Blanc is a cult, and she intends to save her sister from it. Logan expresses his desire to return home. He extends his hands to Shanice, and she enters his memory. She stands there watching as Logan notices the Rev bleeding on the floor. Logan bolts from the room, oblivious to the burst of green light that follows him.

Caleb conducts a circle with a group of commune members, including Millicent and Mildred. He takes Millicent’ss pulse first, then Mildred’s. Millicent is accused of agitating her sister, according to him. Logan and Hayden begin to walk away. The ruckus is loud enough to be heard through the door. Shanice watches them, wondering if they’ll be able to get out safely. The front glass doors are shattered by a metal trash can. Manny explains that the green light led him to the year 2062 at first. He arrived in 2021 from the future in order to put things straight.

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