TNT Comedy introduce Season 2 of Final Space to Germany TV

final-Space TNT Comedy

TNT Comedy introduce the second season of TBS original Final Space  from September 10 to Germany TV .The science-fiction comedy Final Space was written by the YouTube star Olan Rogers.

Astronaut Gary and his crew always keep on for the space adventure . The new 13 episodes of the 2nd season are then always on Tuesdays from 23:05 clock to see in German premiere.

The premiere of the second season of Final Space, there will be a replay of the full first season from August 28 onwards, starting Mondays to Fridays from 23:05.

Season 1

In the first season of Final SpaceDuring his solitary confinement on the unmanned spacecraft Galaxy One, astronaut Gary graces the adorable, green alien mooncake. However, this apparently has the power to destroy planets and is therefore hunted by the nasty Lord Commander throughout the galaxy. This is followed by a fight for life and death, which brings Gary, his friends Quinn, Avocato and Little Cato in great danger and demands so many sacrifices. After looking gloomy for the tragic hero Gary at the end of the first season, he survives the Lord Commander’s final onslaught and has since had only one goal: to unite his beloved friends, to protect Mooncake and, incidentally, to preserve the universe to secure. On his mission he meets new companions.

Season 2

The second season also introduces additional (crueller and sinister) characters and an even elaborate quest to find what Final Space is.

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