The Wonder Years Reboot Episode 6 “Be Prepared” Preview & Photos

The Wonder Years Reboot Episode 7 AMARI O'NEIL

The Wonder Years is a remake of the 1988-93 sitcom, with Dean (Elisha “EJ” Williams) as a 12-year-old trying to navigate growing up in a Black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama. the show has already broadcast five episodes this season. recently the comedy has been given full-season orders, with nine more episodes added. Also a freshman sitcom, Home Economics has ordered full-season. After seven days, the comedy The Wonder Years has 4.8 million total viewers across all linear and digital media. Now, the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Wonder Years Reboot is being anxiously anticipated by fans. Allow to supply you with all of the information you’ll need to watch the new episode 6 of ‘The Wonder Years 2021,’ titled “Be Prepared”  – this episode takes its father and son camping.

The Wonder Years Reboot Episode 8 Release Date

The Wonder Years Reboot Episode 7 Recap

Dean (Elisha “EJ” Williams) is a young hero who goes camping with his father (Dulé Hill) and coach (Allen Moldonado) as members of a newly created scout club. Dean first doubts his father’s suitability for the vast outdoors, until Bill saves the day during a horrific thunderstorm with his own unique skill set. watch preview below

The Wonder Years New Episode 6 Synopsis: When Coach Long and Bill take the boys on a camping trip as part of their newly formed scout troop, their starkly different approaches to the outdoors show Dean that his father isn’t good at everything. As a thunderstorm threatens an eerie quest through the woods, Bill leans into his expertise to save the day.

The Wonder Years Reboot Episode 6 Photos

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Elisha Williams and Milan Marsh kiss for the first time in episode 5 which only adds to the warmth of the moment. Dean’s emotional torment over his crush for Keisa is beautifully conveyed by Cheadle’s voice, as is his happiness when he kisses Charlene.

The Wonder Years (2021) Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

The Wonder Years Reboot Episode 6 will release on WEDNESDAY, October 27 at 8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT, on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.

The Wonder Years 2021(Season 1) Cast

Dean Williams is played by Elisha “EJ” Williams.
Don Cheadle narrates as an older Dean.
Saycon Sengbloh as Lillian Williams, Dean’s mother.
Cheadle as an elderly Dean Saycon Sengbloh.
Bill Williams, Dean’s father, is played by Dulé Hill.
Kim Williams, Dean’s sister, is played by Laura Kariuki.
Dean’s friend, Brad Hitman, is played by Julian Lerner.
Cory Long, played by Amari O’Neil, is Dean’s friend.
Milan Ray plays Keisa Clemmons, Dean’s sweetheart.
Coach Long, played by Allen Maldonado, is a baseball coach.

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