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In the next episode titled “Punch Card” of The Rookie, the team has to deal with the fallout of a mass casualty event that was caused by the mafia. As the team deals with the fallout of the attack and works to bring the attackers to justice, this episode is sure to be exciting and action-packed. Officer Lucy played by Melissa O’Neil, and Celina played by Alyssa Diaz, work together to find the attackers, which takes them down a dangerous road while they try to keep things calm.

At the same time, Officer Tim (Eric Winter) and Aaron (Currie Graham) go on a metro ops task, which makes the episode even more intense. They face unexpected problems that test their skills and determination as they go through the task.

ABC’s ‘The Rookie’ Returns for a Seventh Season


The upcoming episode will be explosive and full of action as the fallout of a mass casualty mafia event plays out. The new promo gives us a sneak peek at the intense events that will happen in the next show. The promo starts with a feeling of urgency. As the team tries to handle the situation, you can feel the chaos.

The Rookie 6×08 Synopsis – After a mafia-related mass casualty, the team is tasked to keep the peace at the hospital. Lucy and Celina work together to investigate the suspects behind the attack. Meanwhile, Tim and Aaron embark on a metro ops mission

The Rookie Season 6 Episode 8 Release Date

ABC has scheduled Episode 6.08 of The Rookie for May 7, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The following day, episodes will be available on demand and Hulu. Those who absolutely must watch every episode of season 5 of “The Rookie” can do so via streaming: TV Streaming Services: DISH Network, DirecTV, NOW, Sling TV, Fubo TVYouTube TVHulu,  Vudu.


In an unexpected turn of events, Sergeant Tim Bradford is sent back to patrol, and his relationship with the woman who helped him get his earlier job on Metro ends at the same time. Now he has to deal with these personal problems along with the complicated tasks of being a police officer.

Sergeant Grey is worried about Bradford, so he asks the psychologist for the department to keep an eye on him while he’s on duty. Officer Chen, who used to date Bradford before he was demoted, is also having a hard time with the split. There are a lot of rumors going around the station because Officer Smitty runs a betting ring where people can guess why the two groups broke up.

When Chen answers to a call about a domestic disturbance, she finds out that it was all a lie set up by a man who wanted to avoid his girlfriend by pretending to be dead. Chen steps in and gives the girlfriend advice while thinking about her own position.

The police are asked to help find Emma, a young girl who went missing while she was babysitting. Olivia, Emma’s friend, had also gone missing, which made people worry about their safety. The investigation finds disturbing information about the family Emma was babysitting for, such as claims of abuse.

Olivia is found hurt but living, saying that Emma was killed by Matthew Olsen, the man they were babysitting for. The search for Emma continues. Later, though, it turns out that Olivia killed Emma out of panic, which is what caused her death.

At the end of the show, different personal things happen to the officers. For example, Nolan is worried about child care, Lopez is looking for a new nanny, and Chen is thinking about moving in with Celina. Bradford decides to keep seeing the department psychologist to work through his problems now that he passed his field test.

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