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The Rookie Season 6 Episode 4 Promo “Training Day”

The Rookie 6x04 Promo

In The Rookie season 6 Episode 4, the search for the infamous Pentagram Killer gets tougher, and the video makes it look like an exciting and suspenseful episode is coming up. Here is a list of what the promo shows:

The promo starts with a call about a body, which suggests that the Pentagram Killer has killed another person. The killer’s mark is clear, giving the police chills. As the cops look into it, they find out something shocking. There have been a lot of unanswered murders linked to the Pentagram Killer, which makes catching this dangerous criminal even more important.

A shocking turn of events happens when an old woman says that her husband killed the person. When she finds out that her husband has been dead for seven years, things take a scary turn. This makes her wonder who the real killer is. The preview shows that the episode will be intense and exciting, with a lot at stake, and how the LAPD will never stop looking for justice.

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The next episode of The Rookie will air on Tuesday, March 26th, at 9 p.m. on ABC. As the search for the Pentagram Killer comes to a crucial point, this show looks like it will be full of drama and suspense.

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