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The Rookie Season 6 Episode 7: Return Date and What to Expect [Preview]

The Rookie 6x07

The Rookie Season 6 Episode 6 showed how Sgt. Tim Bradford’s past came back to haunt him, having big effects on his personal and professional life. The show went into detail about Tim’s complicated relationship with Ray Watkins, a person from his military past who hung over his present.

People believed Tim’s lie about what happened years ago, while they thought Ray’s real account was just an act of revenge. Even though Tim didn’t kill Ray played by guest star David Dastmalchian as he said he would, his role in a fake after-action report became public. These actions got him in trouble at work because he was linked to an ambush involving Lopez and Lucy, two other cops. It got worse between Tim and Lucy on a personal level. After keeping information from his bosses at first and then lying to them, Tim had to face the results. He broke up with Lucy (Melissa O’Neil)  in the end.

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“The Rookie” fans were eagerly anticipating the next episode after Chenford Breakup, but the show will not be back next week or the week after that. Fans can expect the show to stay true to its roots and keep its sense of identity, even though we don’t know much about Episode 7. It’s clear where “The Rookie” is going.

The Rookie Season 6 Episode 7: After the Break-Up

Moving forward, Episode 7, called “Crushed,” will likely show more of the effects of Tim’s deeds. In a sneak peek of the show, stress builds as Lucy tells Grey what’s on her mind and how she can’t stop thinking about it. At the same time, Nolan talks to Angela about how hard it is to find out when a partner is lying, which makes him think about possible problems in his own life.

Grey talks to Tim about his recent actions, bringing up the fact that he was demoted to patrol and broke up with Lucy in the past week. Feeling bad about what he did, Tim tells Grey he’s sorry and says he’s sorry that the department had to watch him. Even though there is a lot of trouble, Tim says he hopes for a calm day on watch, which suggests he wants to get past the recent problems in his life. “The Rookie” Episode 7 looks like it will be another exciting part of Tim Bradford’s journey to find himself and make things right.

Watch The Rookie [S06E07] Preview

After these events, Actor Eric Winter tells TV Line was excited to see how Tim’s role would grow in possible future seasons. Winter made it sound like Tim needed to face his mistakes and try new ways to improve himself, like going to therapy.

A question that fans still have is if “The Rookie” will be picked up for a seventh season. Fans of the show are still hoping that it will come back, even though there is no official word yet.

The Rookie Season 6 Episode 7 Release Date

ABC has scheduled Episode 6.07 of The Rookie for April 30, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The following day, episodes will be available on demand and Hulu. Those who absolutely must watch every episode of season 5 of “The Rookie” can do so via streaming: TV Streaming Services: DISH Network, DirecTV, NOW, Sling TV, Fubo TVYouTube TVHulu,  Vudu.

We will soon have more news, peeks, and recaps about “The Rookie” on tvacute.com.

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