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Officer John Nolan and his companions from the foundation all meet for drinks. He converses with a female official companion outside who is stressed over one of their own, Chris. He scarcely breezed through his test.

Lucy wakes close to her new love intrigue. She needs to get the chance to work. She has 30 days left with her too and afterward, she is all alone. She requests that he keep their relationship on the DL at work.

At the early daytime meeting, Gray tells the new kids on the block they have 30 days to make it. They hit the street. Tim  Bradford asks Lucy for what good reason she has been grinning to such an extent. She isn’t sharing. In the interim, Angela is tired of managing her family and her wedding.

Harper and Nolan talk about her guardianship hearing today. After he remarks it has hushed up. She cracks. He is going to curse them. Minutes after the fact they tune in to a fast pursue on the radio including Chris from the institute.

Harper and Nolan show up to pursue the vehicle after it halted and shot the official Chris. Back at the scene, Chris’ too is crushed. Tim Bradford talks him down. Jackson rides in the trap with Chris.

Harper and Nolan follow the driver into a structure when he stops and makes a run for it. Jackson looks as specialists and medical caretakers chip away at Chris at the emergency clinic. Back at the scene, Tim Bradford censures Lucy whose adoration intrigue is working for the Fire Department. He advises Tim Bradford to quiet down. Lucy gets frantic.

Harper and Nolan meet with a criminologist and get a print on the vehicle. They send the ID to Tim Bradford and Lucy who head to a location. Their suspect Serj isn’t there. They delve further into Serj’s experience and acknowledge he is being taken care of intel. They have a messy cop on their hands.

Dim discloses to Angela they have a mole in the office. He makes her an acting analyst. The main spot they know to look is at the home of a man named Reuben. He is associated with Serj. Nolan heads there with the senior criminologist. They penetrate the home and bring Rueben in. In the interim, Jackson looks like Chris battles.

Back at the station, Nolan submits things from the home into proof and acknowledges there is a weapon missing. John heads to disclose to Gray who is irate. He just got word Chris is dead and the firearm is a homicide weapon.

Its dusk, Lucy, and Tim are out and about. Lucy needs to discuss it prior. Tim wouldn’t like to. He needs Lucy to remain centered. He makes reference to he thoroughly understands Lucy and the firefighter. He advises her not to discount him. Jackson calls to enlighten Lucy regarding Chris.

Armstong, Nolan, and Harper search for the weapon. It needed to have been taken by an official. They head to address Rueben. In the meantime, Angela understands that one official shut off her camera during the attack. She is a similar young lady, Cole, who revealed to John she was stressed over Chris. Angela tells Gray.

Elegance visits John, bringing him nourishment. He doesn’t converse with her top to bottom about their circumstance. Nolan and Harper are called to find Cole. They end up in a rapid pursue close by Tim Bradford and Lucy attempting to get Cole. Cole crashes her truck and runs for it, bringing them through Rose Bowl Stadium.

John Nolan happens upon her. She clarifies she had obligations. She needed to and when she attempted to get out she proved unable. Right, when it would seem that she is going to put down her firearm, Armstrong shows up and she focuses it at him. He shoots her. John Nolan destroys as he calls it in.

Back at the station, IA requests that John Nolan give an announcement. At home, Jackson cries while Lucy embraces him. Lucy’s adoration intrigue Emmitt appears at apologies. He leaves after she acknowledges to support Jackson.

Harper imparts to Nolan that she recovered her child. John goes to watch his camera and acknowledges Cole said Armstrong’s name before she even observed him. Across town, Armstrong meets with Rueben.

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