The Resident Season 5 Episode 23 Recap “New Moon” [Season Finale]

The Resident Season 5 Episode 23

Emily VanCamp made a cameo appearance in The Resident Season 5 finale, resuming her role as Nic Nevin to provide some closure. Conrad was widowed and in care of their small child when she died unexpectedly at the start of the season. VanCamp was a lead on the hit show before leaving, when her character died after suffering a brain injury in a vehicle accident. Conrad found himself thinking about his and Nic’s first real date night after Gigi was born a lot during the heartbreaking season finale. Let’s read The Resident Season 5 Episode 23 Recap

Rewind to when Conrad and Nic hired Marion to babysit their daughter Gigi on their first date. Devon has chosen to depart, so Irving tries to get Devon to speak with Leela. With her son, a pregnant woman presents with pulmonary edema. Leela and Padma are on their way to have her checked out to see whether she’s pregnant. Leela is reminded of how she destroyed her relationships. Cade is discharged and proceeds to meet up with her father, who is also discharged following his fall. Conrad believes Ian has an ulcer, but he wants more testing done. Bell only had a minor flare-up, and his vision is fine, so he’s good to go to the OR. The pregnant woman is suffering from heart failure, and her heart is unable to pump enough blood for her and her baby.

Conrad speaks with Winston about sadness and Nic because he has had a similar experience with his lover. He advises him to cherish the memories.

Mrs. Alvarez had mucositis as a result of her flu. Her heart can only beat for two minutes, thus AJ and Devon advise aborting the pregnancy. They have a daring plan that will almost certainly fail and end in the death of the pregnant woman and/or her kid.

Cade learns that her father is suffering from pancreatic cancer. He had no idea, and they had to operate on him since it was operable. Bell is capable. Despite the challenges and hazards, the husband chooses to put his wife on ECMO. Conrad consoles Cade and tells her about how things were when his father was alive. He hugs Cade and recalls Nic’s memories of seeing him hugging someone and mistaking him for someone else, and when he clarified, they talked about how much they loved each other. When he pulls away from Cade, it’s awkward. Padma has become pregnant.

Leela approaches Devon and informs him that she has changed her mind and does not want him to leave. The patient has cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. The patient passes away. When there’s a problem, Bell lets Leela handle the Whipple. Kitbell’s engagement celebration is attended by everyone.

Devon and Leela reconcile, and Devon resolves that he will not sacrifice his relationship with the woman he loves for a baby who does not yet exist. Leela, according to Bell, is following in his footsteps and that of his mentee by pursuing a career in general surgery. Cade Bell, thank you for saving her father’s life, and his cancer may be cured. Cade and Billie converse and both admit to having affections for Conrad. Conrad is reminded by Devon to establish fresh memories.

Conrad recalls how he forced Nic to pledge that if something happened to him, she would find love again. Conrad ran across a young woman whose husband he’d diagnosed with cancer and who was now in the ICU following a poor reaction to chemotherapy during their night out. Conrad was thinking about his own mortality after the run-in, and later that night at home, he joked and then became serious with Nic about wanting her to find another love if he died. “I do want you to go on after a while,” Conrad said to his wife. “Just promise me you’ll find someone who loves you as much as I do, whatever it is.” Nic agreed on one condition: “Only if you do as well.”

Cade and Dr. Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas) talked about how they were only friends with Conrad at one table, with Billie slyly adding “…so far.” Conrad approached the table where his much-teased potential love interests. Billie and Cade were both sitting in the present day, where they celebrating Kit and Bell’s engagement at the group’s favorite bar… As he approached them, the episode ended. Conrad Hawkins will have a new romantic partner when The Resident returns to Fox for Season 6 but Tuesday’s finale gave no hint as to who the lucky lady will be.

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