The Resident Season 4 Episode 3 “The Accidental Patient” – Will Barrett Cain die?

The Resident Season 4 Episode 3 The Accidental Patient

The Resident episode 2 ended another love is on milestone and finished before the second one started. There’s going to be a lot of drama surrounding FOX’s medical drama The Resident in the upcoming episode 3. Barrett Cain crashed and he is in danger. In a car accident, when he tries to save someone, he might get caught in trouble and even die. We can’t say anything until that episode arrives.

Let’s see what Fox has prepared for us for the next episode; they named the title of episode 3 is “The Accidental Patient”. check out the synopsis and the promo below.

When Cain tries to be a hero at a crash scene, he is struck by a car, causing Chastain’s doctors to put aside their personal issues to try and save his life. Conrad and Nic team up to help one of the crash victims, whose secretive past makes it difficult to identify a diagnosis. Meanwhile, Bell brings his TV crew to the hospital in hopes of garnering positive attention for Chastain, and Mina opens up to Nic, only to find out that Nic is holding on to a secret of her own.

Nic and Conrad are enjoying their marriage. Their pregnancy can also be a part of this story in the upcoming episodes according to co-showrunner Peter Elkoff. “The Accidental Patient” episode three of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, January 26th on FOX.

The guest cast in this episode is Kerr Smith as Jacob Yorn, Vince Foster as Dr. Paul Cu, Katie Parker as Eva Wolman, Isaiah Jarel as Emmett Mackey, Don Stallings as Winston McCloud, Glenn Magee as Agent Brooks, David Shae as Terry Berndahl, Nathan Sutton as Darren Miller, Sarafina King as Ariana, Euseph Messiah as Nurse Clyde Cooper, Melissa Saint-Amand as Alicia Nelson and Michael Christopher Rodney as Brandon David.

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