The Last of Us Episode 8: Who is David?

The Last of Us Episode 8: Who is David? The Last of Us keeps proving that it is one of the best adaptations ever made. The show based on the video game series of the same name has been consistently devastating viewers and leaving them in tears every week. Ellie (Bella Ramsey) is taking care of Joel (Pedro Pascal), who was severely injured in a fight, at the Lakeside Resort when she is attacked by a band of cannibals led. Ellie has sewn up Joel and he appears to be surviving, but he is still recovering and she will have to take care of herself. Now that Pascal’s Joel has been hurt, Ramsey has done a wonderful job of carrying the show as Ellie. The eighth episode of The Last of Us’ first season will air this weekend on HBO, and it goes without saying that this is a huge deal. We are now in the second-to-last episode of the season, and everything we see here will serve as a prologue to the season finale. Perhaps one of the series’ darkest episodes, “When We Are Needed” introduces a new character. David will be at the center of this next drama. Who is he, then? Here is all the information you require on him.

The Last of Us Episode 8 Cast [When We Are in Need]

The Last of Us Episode 8: Who is David?

Before The Last of Us, not much was revealed about David’s background. On the other hand, he leads a big group of survivors in the game. Some members leave Silver Lake to go on supply runs, but their base of operations is there. They aren’t the nicest people, being bloodthirsty and willing to attack everyone they see. This situation is far worse than it sounds at the moment. They’re all cannibals, after all, and they don’t seem to mind eating people. That’s how they get by in the wasteland. David was voiced by Naughty Dog regular and voice actor Nolan North, who is most known for his role as series protagonist Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games.

As compared to other characters in the Last of Us canon, David stands out as particularly heinous. Although he may seem angry and dangerous at first glance, he is actually quite passive. Unless absolutely necessary, the guy will refrain from using violence. He also tends to have a cool demeanor most of the time. It’s clear that the man is incredibly manipulative from his interactions with Ellie, but a lot of this is part of his act. To win her confidence, he lavishes praise on her and downplays his own skills. When he finally lets his guard down, he acts as though Ellie has him cornered in the hopes that she’ll escape and lead them to Joel. So, he is an expert liar. He’s a compassionate leader, which is a great quality. He’s so dedicated to feeding his people that he’ll risk his life on risky hunting expeditions. Plus, it’s evident that he doesn’t rule with an iron fist, since employees aren’t scared to publicly challenge or even violate his directives.

The Last of Us: What was David going to do to Ellie?

While Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) go on a food hunt, she runs into David and his village. David may appear innocuous at first, but in this dangerous environment, no one can be trusted. Without giving away any surprises, just know that it’s one of the most powerful moments in video game history. The implications for Joel and Ellie’s future are very important. This is a screenshot taken from The Last of Us, and Druckmann’s statement “winter is coming” only adds to the gloomy atmosphere. It’s been wintertime for a while, but now is part of the novel where Ellie’s hard environment truly amps up the terrible agony of her life. One of The Last of Us’ scariest parts occurs in this snowy hellscape that Joel must traverse.

In the Video game, When Ellie and Joel were treating Joel’s wounds at the University of Eastern Colorado, David showed up and revealed that he was the leader of the group of hunters they had murdered. He initially lets Ellie get away, but then kidnaps her and takes her back to his town headquarters. Ellie learns there that David and his friends are cannibals. She puts up a fight, kills David’s aide, and escapes into town, but David and his group are hot on her trail. The two of them may have started out strong due to his desire to have Ellie join his team, but things quickly went sour. Not only does she reject him over and over, but she also breaks his finger in the process. Hence, he has second thoughts about retaining her and now plans to use her as a meal.

The Last of Us David Death

Later, as the restaurant burns, David follows her inside and follows her around for several minutes. At one point, he has her pinned down and is attempting to strangle her when she grabs hold of his machete, swings it, and knocks him off her. She then proceeds to savagely chop him to death with the machete until Joel comes and takes her off.  It’s a bloody fight to the finish, with the girl ultimately killing David with a machete after she finally manages to outwit him. It’s more than simply a jab at her ribs. She swings at him wildly, hitting him again and over with the knife. Ellie is emotionally wounded by the incident, but at least this horrible man has been eliminated.

Did Savid try to rape Ellie?

Although if the naughty dog hasn’t confirmed it, there have been hints. As Joel catches up with two members of David, they claim that David’s new little pet, Ellie, is a sex slave. Even though David and his people are cannibals and should try to devour any strangers they come across, he doesn’t make any immediate moves to do so with Ellie. He even tries to shield her from his own men and the sick. The reason for this is that he hopes to recruit her into his team. But, he doesn’t want her there because she is an excellent markswoman and huntress. The young girl is unfortunately the object of his sexual desire. This is barely hinted at in the game, The scarcity of mature females is probably behind this curiosity.

Who Plays David in HBO The Last of Us Episode 8?

The HBO adaptation will star Scott Shepherd portrays David as the antagonist. The charismatic preacher and leader of a band of cannibalistic survivors. Shepherd’s most recognizable film roles are in Bridge of Spies, Side Effects (2013),  Bridge of Spies (2015), El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019), X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Jason Bourne (2016). Bluff City Law, True Detective, The Young Pope, Woodworm, Prodigal Son, and The Good Fight are just some of the TV shows he’s been in. He is set to star in the current post-production film Killers of the Flower Moon.

Who Plays James in HBO The Last of Us Episode 8?

James, played by Troy Baker, is David’s trusted assistant in the first Last of Us game. David is the leader of the Silver Lake community, in which both of these people participate. As they have secrets to protect, the two are prepared to go to any lengths necessary to keep their people under control. Baker, along with Scott Shepherd and Nelson Leis, is credited for only this one episode.

How to Watch The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 8?

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