‘The Good Doctor’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – Ends with a title card

In a short recap of The Good Doctor,’ episode 2 of season 4, Claire manages her anguish by restoring patients’ possessions to their families while fantasizing about Melendez. Claire finds the proprietor of a bunch of canine labels abandoned by a perished tolerantly and with the support of Melendez chooses to start proceeding onward with her life.

Dr. Alex Park keeps on treating his earlier pregnant patient. Morgan treats Nurse Deena Petringa whose condition constantly compounds. Deena at last kicks the bucket of the infection, however Shaun, Andrews’ and Park’s patients endure, and one is delivered three weeks after the fact.

Andrews chooses to be with his significant other as opposed to proceeding to rest in the carport and Dr. Alex Park decides to cut off his romantic relationship with Mia.

The title card ends with an order to “do your part. Wear a mask.” The events are a fictional story about a real battle still being fought.

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