The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 19 – Part 1 “Venga” Preview & Photos


After watching tonight’s episode are you excited for episode 19 of next week’s The Good Doctor Season 4? This episode is going to be very interesting. Because the two-part finale is going to be the beginning of the stage. Next will be the upcoming Penultimate episode, titled “Venga”. This episode is going to be different from the rest of the episode, Dr. Shaun Murphy is going to Guatemala along with many other doctors. They will be on a mission to help needy people. Lea is struggling with personal conflict right now.

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The Good Doctor Episode 419 Synopsis “Venga” – During part one of the two-part season finale, the St. Bonaventure team travels to Guatemala on a surgical mission to help patients at a rural hospital. Once there, the team faces a small community that is in desperate need of their help but are assigned the daunting task of identifying who they can help most. And while Shaun seems to be thriving in Guatemala, Lea is still struggling with the loss of her baby.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 19 Release Date

The Good Doctor’s new episode 19 “Venga”, will discharge on MONDAY, May 31 at 10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT, on ABC. This episode was written by Liz Friedman and directed by Mike Listo. We are getting two new actors at the end of the season
Noah Galvin & Bria Samoyne Henderson. Both of them have been regularly promoted in The Good Doctor series.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 19 Guest Stars: Guest starring is Osvaldo Benavides as Dr. Mateo Rendon Osma, Shalyn Ferdinand as Dr. Heather Boyd, Allegra Fulton as Dr. Karla Saravia and Esmeralda Pimentel as Nurse Ana Morales.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 19 Photos

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 18 Recap

In Monday’s episode, Shaun falls from a tree on a camping trip to distract attention from Lea’s recent miscarriage. Lea is forced to undergo emergency surgery in the woods, performs leg surgery under the guidance of the semi-conscious Shaun. Park ends his friendship with Morgan. On the other hand, Claire forgives her father, who had left her in childhood. He says, he cannot fix the past, but for her, the present and future are with him.