The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 17 Recap of ‘Letting Go’

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 17 Recap of 'Letting Go'

The last episode of ‘Letting Go’ was sad for Dr. Shaun and Lea. Both still get through their grief. Lea was so broken from inside that she did not tell her mother that they had lost the child. Morgan and Claire welcome Senator Clarke to the hospital. Claire tells her that she is a huge supporter. She has facial spasms, Morgan advises doing an MRI to find out any serious possible causes. Senator Clarke says surgery is not needed, just Botox. she is worried that this will affect her career.

As Shaun (Freddie Highmore) is walking outside. Aaron (Richard Schiff) tells him that he needs to take leave and go home so he can process the loss of his and Lea’s baby. Meanwhile, Claire (Antonia Thomas) finds that some of her early inspiration might not have been as inspiring as she thought.

When Lea goes to the hospital, she feels strange when everyone sees him with all sympathy. Jordan tells Lea to say goodbye to the past.  Dr. Nakano tells Shaun to leave the job. When it comes to Artie’s test. After all, Dr. Nakano (Hiro Kanagawa) invites Shaun to join him as he works on Artie, telling Marcus that he is leaving the surgery because he does not want the patient to suffer a small loss due to a small mistake.

Finally, Shaun tells Lea that he doesn’t know how to cope with their loss. Lea says that Claire tells him about this support group that can help him. The episode ends with Shaun and Lea. When Shaun comes home, Lea is crying, Shaun hugs her.

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