The Good Doctor Recap: Season 3 Episode 19 “Hurt,”aired March 23, 2020

Monday’s night Episode 19 Hurt  the two-part finale opened with an unfortunate earthquake hitting the city of San Jose.

Melendez and Glassman are at a charity occasion. So is Lea for reasons unknown? She expected Glassman wouldn’t be there. She has two beverages for herself. The chief and her better half appear and offer a visit. There is a tremor out of nowhere while they are in a foyer and everything begins self-destructing. Some hardware feels close or on Lea and Melendez.

Lim calls and Melendez discloses to her he’s alright. Glassman has a separated shoulder however demands he’s alright. Lim will get an Injured group to watch out for the injured. There is a huge amount of injured individuals.

Lim tells the staff no elective medical procedures and so on. She is taking Shaun and Claire with her to mind the individuals at the foundation area. Melendez begins attempting to treat individuals in the zone he is stuck in. Glassman can’t keep an eye on Lea as the passages are blocked. Noreen’s foot is broken. Glassman finds a frightened man with a wicked leg.

Claire, Lim, and Shaun show up. Lim sends Glassman back to the emergency clinic however not before he reveals to Shaun that Lea is absent.

Claire discovers Melendez, who demands he’s fine. She looks at him at any rate. She discloses to him he needs a full assessment. Melendez discloses to Shaun that Lea is obstructed in. Shaun sees the specialists on call working with a lady who has an irritated neck. He understands something is pushing on her spinal rope at that point goes to attempt to discover Lea.

Andrews reveals to Morgan she can’t work since she had the medical procedure as of late. She offers to do triage. He discloses to her she keeps data from her joining in on the off chance that it benefits her and advises her to hit the sack. Shaun says somebody is in the destruction however it isn’t Lea.

Melendez has an X-ray application on his telephone and finds that Shaun was correct. The patient asks what they will do. Claire figures they could expel the screw here. Noreen doesn’t imagine that is a smart thought yet Melendez thinks Claire is correct.

Then, Shaun hops down a pole looking for Lea when she calls to him. He slithers through it revealing to himself he’s not apprehensive. He sees his sibling who says obviously he is. Glassman demands that Andrews let Morgan run the ER and cautions her that utilizing her hands could spoil them forever.

The specialists on call locate an underage consumer caught in the rubble who says that his mother is dead and his father is on a plane someplace. Morgan cautions the medical caretakers she is going to be a bitch.

Steve reveals to Shaun that Lea needn’t bother with him and doesn’t cherish him and won’t begin to look all starry eyed at him cause he safeguards her. Lea calls for help. Shaun pushes forward.

Noreen asks Claire and Melendez not to do the medical procedure. Melendez infers she should converse with her better half about that. Noreen’s significant other is certain that Melendez will spare her. Shaun burrows through a great deal of rubble and finds a lady (not Lea) caught under a pillar.

The women’s name is Vera. She says her shoulder harms. Shaun analyzes her and discovers her lungs are fine and she has no nerve harm. He evacuates some rubble and discovers something speared in her leg.

In the meantime, Melendez starts a medical procedure Morgan needs to get a medical caretaker to assist her with placing the stethoscope in the ideal spot. Lungs are hyperinflated.

Shaun radios Lim, who says the firemen will deal with Vera. He learns Lea has not been found. Andrews needs Glassman’s assistance however he’s in medical procedure on another person.

Melendez says the patient needs a blood transfusion before they can proceed with the medical procedure. Claire has a thought.

Park converses with the underage consumer and reveals to him a tale about getting captured with weed. He gets summoned. Lim says the person’s spine has been cut off and is going to seep out when they lift the bar. The main thing they can do is get his father here before it’s past the point of no return.

A medical caretaker speculates a patient has kidney stones/is pregnant. She advises Morgan to quit being a bitch.

Vera reveals to Shaun she came here to see her ex in the expectations he would take her back. Shaun gets it. He reveals to her he has a chemical imbalance and embraces her while he plays out an agonizing methodology.

Melendez asks Noreen where she met her better half. She says a congregation she’s not an individual from any longer. Claire returns with a handcrafted siphon that will recycle the patient’s blood. Lea is found in a gap in the floor and seems, by all accounts, to be alright.

The kid asks Park when the bar will be evacuated. Park says they are taking a shot at it. He inquires as to whether the child’s father really said he was a screwup. The child says no. Park says he is certain the father doesn’t pass judgment on him as brutally as he might suspect. The child says the father doesn’t have any acquaintance with him. Noreen is dazzled with Claire’s innovation.

Park has a since a long time ago shot plan to spare Casey and says it has nothing to do with him being a similar age as Callen. Lim says alright. The attendant is doing an ultrasound on the patient. She isn’t pregnant however requests muscle relaxants for her back. Morgan acknowledges she has an ectopic pregnancy and necessities to have medical procedures ASAP.

Vera and Shaun sit together. Vera says on the off chance that the two of them endure the two of them should proceed onward. Shaun wouldn’t like to. He gives a discourse about being enamored with Lea that Lea catches on Lim’s walkie talkie while sitting in a rescue vehicle. Lea cries.

Morgan’s patient is having an emergency. Morgan can’t discover a specialist to do the system.

Casey expresses gratitude toward Park forgetting his father here. He takes care of Casey so they can do the medical procedures.

Morgan concludes she’s doing the medical procedure herself and removes her gauzes.

Marta can crush Maureen’s hand.

There is a delayed repercussion similarly as Marta is going to be placed in a rescue vehicle. Following it stops Melendez’s breakdown.

Lim radios Shaun who says he is oaky with the exception of the water and asks Lim to rush. Lea hears and cries.

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