The Good Doctor Episode 4.4 “Not the Same” Recap

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 4 “Not the Same” recap opens with Shaun and Lea accomplish yoga before work. Shaun recommends Lea move in with him. She says everything is unique. He says they aren’t. Lea says living respectively is a greater duty. She confides in Shaun yet she needs a smidgen more. Then, Claire is irritated when Morgan calls her in on a case. Lim advises her to go.

Morgan and Shaun see a pregnant lady with twins. Shaun has excused his first-year inhabitant. Morgan thinks first-years are useful. The lady’s vision is foggy. Morgan and Shaun speculate pre-eclampsia

Dr. Jackson inspects the lady. Fetal pulse drops on just one of the children. She had a premature birth when she was 15. Shaun understands that there is an RH coordinate issue.

In the interim Asher converses with a specialist and reveals to him that he doesn’t converse with his Hasidic family any longer since he has dismissed their strict convictions. Additionally, the patient has malignancy.

Andrews converses with Shaun who says Dr. Olivia Jackson doesn’t talk enough and doesn’t have a clue where the jugular vein is. Andrews recommends pushing Olivia a bit. Shaun imagines that is unreasonable. Andrews persuades him in any case.

Olivia appears to be apprehensive as she rehearses with Shaun. She does it consummately. Shaun doesn’t have any comprehension of first case nerves. In any case, one of the hatchlings is in trouble.

Claire and Morgan inform Billy concerning his melanoma. Dr.Park appears and says he experienced vehicle difficulty. Billy offers him a specialist. Asher thinks Billy has an astonishing mentality. Billy says his significant other instructed him that. She kicked the bucket three years prior.

The group performs a medical procedure. Olivia neglects to give Dr. Marcus Andrews a device. He accuses Shaun. Shaun tirades to Glassman. Glassman concurs that it is Shaun’s deficiency. Shaun figures it isn’t reasonable for Jordan. Glassman says it’s not about fairness, it’s tied in with giving every individual what they need. Shaun doesn’t feel able to help with intense subject matters. Billy codes while in the medical procedure.

Shaun asks Olivia how she feels. She says alright. He asks how she truly feels. She says truly alright? furthermore, in the event that she botches somebody may bite the dust. Shaun says the children snickered at him as well. Then the solid twin’s sack burst.

Billy’s malignant growth has metastasized to his liver. Asher proposes eliminating part of the liver. Park says that is excessively forceful however the absolute best of beating the disease. Morgan contends that he will have no personal satisfaction. Asher contends a piecemeal methodology won’t help. The other specialist thinks Asher is searching for significance. Asher says he is searching for designs.

Park asks Morgan how she is feeling. She calls him pitiful. She says screwing with him and Claire is the kind of person she is nevertheless who right? Park says fails to remember it and strolls off.

In the interim, the solid twin’s water has broken. a C-area may slaughter the frail child, helping the feeble infant implies the solid infant will pass on. Shaun figures they should attempt to spare the feeble child in light of the fact that there is a 5% better possibility of endurance.

Morgan thinks solid is more critical to spare than frail. He figures they ought to ask Kensie. Morgan says she will just need to attempt to spare the two infants despite the fact that there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity both will bite the dust. Andrews says it is an alternative.

Kensie doesn’t have any desire to choose something like this. Jordan inquires as to whether she’s named the infants. Kensie has. She can’t do this. She needs the specialists to spare the two of them.

Then Billy’s medical procedure continues. Park sees a break in a bile conduit. Olivia goes to see Andrews. Turns out she’s his niece. He’s astounded to hear that Shaun has been extremely strong.

Lea comes to see Shaun. She didn’t think she’d actually have this contention however Shaun is unique and she needs to live with him in twelve months. So she will move in with him. Shaun asks does that mean we have enough commitment and trust? Lea isn’t sure. She feels it is inevitable. Shaun is energized.

Morgan vanishes. She discloses to Shaun she has more significant activities. She educates Shaun that Jordan should be gotten control over and disapproves of individuals in power. She needs Shaun to fix it.

Dr.Park discovers Morgan by his vehicle. She says something’s going on with him. Park says he was settling his separation since Kellan is 18. It harms. Morgan offers to let him remain with her.

Shaun asks Jordan for what reason she disapproves of power. She says she disapproves of him not giving any. She needs him to defy her when she messes up.

Claire converses with Billy. He says he had most noticeably awful days. He purchased a weapon just after his significant other passed on so he could murder himself. He saw a vehicle while in transit to the store with a level. He halted to help and he heard Linda’s chuckle disclosing to him not to execute himself.

Kensie starts giving birth. The primary infant is brought into the world however his lungs are immature and must go on a ventilator. Shaun needs to attempt to stop work. Olivia says she’ll be fine. She is vexed to discover that Shaun realizes Andrews is her uncle. She thinks Andrews figures she can’t do it. Kensie is as yet in the process of giving birth. Will she lose her children? Shaun doesn’t have the foggiest idea.

They have to a C-area. Kensie won’t assent despite the fact that she will bite the dust on the off chance that she doesn’t have one. Jordan attempts to divert her. She attempts to assist her with remaining positive by having her discussion about what is new with her children a long time from now. The withdrawals stop similarly as Shaun is going to do the C-area.

Shaun advises Glassman he can’t educate. Glassman believes it’s acceptable the principal years trusted in Shaun. Glassman says Shaun will sort it out and is a superb instructor.

Claire opens the shades for Billy. It is possible that he awakens or goes into a state of unconsciousness. Billy awakens. He inquires as to whether he called about his vehicle. He says drowsily that men aren’t acceptable at requesting help.

Claire praises the occupants and instructs them to quit quibbling and hear each out other. Kensie sees her infant is as yet pregnant with the other one.

Shaun gives Olivia a rundown of the relative multitude of things she did well and Jordan a rundown of the multitude of things she fouled up. Morgan is sitting in front of the TV when there is a thump on her entryway. It’s Dr. Alex Park.

Andrews offers Olivia a ride. She would not like to converse with him. He discloses to her an anecdote about her distant auntie who helped him when his grandparents were battling. He needed to be that sort of person for her. Olivia says he has been nevertheless she has to realize he figures she can do this.

Lea says it seems like home once more. They kiss. Shaun says it’s not the equivalent. It’s better.

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