The Crown Season 4 Promotional Photos – Princess Diana’s wedding gown

Emma Corinne is wearing a ruffled white dress
Emma Corinne is wearing a ruffled white dress

Netflix is ​​giving the first exclusive look at Princess Diana’s wedding gown for the upcoming fourth season of “The Crown” on Saturday.

In the photo, newcomer Emma Corinne is wearing a ruffled white dress that appears to be inspired by Diana’s famous 1981 wedding gown. See the photos below.

Emmy award-winning costume designer Amy Roberts imitates David and Emanuel’s famous designs without making a reproduction.

The royal drama (The Crown) returns on November 15 and will play Emma Corinne as Princess Diana, who gets romantically linked and ends up marrying Prince Charles. This is a breakthrough role for the actress, who is very similar to the late princess.

Fans may want to enjoy the 4th season as this will be the last broadcast of a new episode in two years. With season 5 shooting in June 2021, the 6th and final season will be filmed in 2022.

Netflix announced in January that the fifth season would be its last, only creator Peter Morgan would change his mind earlier this month.

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