(B&B) The Bold and the Beautiful Recap – On March 3, 2020

The Bold and the Beautiful as B&B is a television soap opera that premiered March 23, 1987. Here is a recap of The Bold and the Beautiful Season 33 Episode 107 that aired March 3rd on CBS. In tonight’s episode, Hope and Douglas find out Thomas has changed the date of his upcoming wedding. Thomas discusses his plan on how to win Hope back permanently.

Vinny has to know whether Zoe’s moving out so inquires as to whether the commitment is genuine. Thomas helps him to remember the stone he put on her finger. Vinny knows he’s controlling Zoe and Douglas to get Hope back. Thomas concedes that is the arrangement – it’s the best way to get Hope to wed him. Thomas takes note of that Douglas gets panicky when he alludes to Zoe as ‘Mama’.  Thomas proclaims that Douglas will take Hope back to them… for all the time.

In the main office, Zoe recommends an outing to an amusement park to Douglas, who inquires as to why his dad gave her such a major ring. Expectation tunes in as Zoe clarifies it’s an indication of their affection and promise to one another. They will be a family soon and she’s anticipating finding a workable pace and turning out to be great companions. Douglas grins, at that point sees Hope and rushes to her shouting, “Mom!” Zoe gives her eyes descending a role as Douglas says he’s happy Hope is there. The ladies recognize things are evolving rapidly.

As Zoe discusses perhaps giving Douglas a more youthful sibling or sister, Hope exhorts approaching it slowly and carefully. Thomas enters and Douglas advises him he needn’t bother with two mothers. Thomas and Zoe exit. Douglas reveals to Hope he doesn’t need Zoe. Expectation proposes he give her a possibility, yet Douglas needs Hope and Beth to live with him and his father. Expectation reminds him she adores Liam. Douglas says he lives with Steffy… for what reason can’t Daddy wed Hope?

In the structure office, Thomas and Zoe kiss, at that point talk about Douglas. Zoe comprehends he’s apprehensive he’ll lose Hope. Thomas thinks his child needs a family… he needs it now.  This has happened quickly and considers the possibility that Hope chooses she needs him all things considered. Thomas won’t be intrigued. Zoe tells Thomas, “We should do it.” She stresses over Douglas.

In the principle office, Douglas reveals to Hope it makes his stomach hurt when Daddy kisses Zoe. Thomas and Zoe enter. Thomas says he’s glad for Douglas and needs to give him everything, at that point, reports he and Zoe will escape. Douglas doesn’t need that and shouts, “Mom make it stop!”

The cast of The Bold and the Beautiful 2019 are Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Denise Richards, Katrina Bowden, Adain Bradley, Wayne Brady, Darin Brooks, Scott Clifton,

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