The Blacklist Season 8 Finale Recap: Episode 22 “Konets” A Shocker death of Elizabeth Keen (aka Liz’s death)

The finale episode (titled: Konets) of The Blacklist Season 8, starts from where the previous episode 21 ended. After an explosive, Townsend’s story ends, Townsend is charred to death in a fire. Dembe escapes from the basement, then escapes to Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone). All three are on the plane, with Liz about to recover from a gunshot wound. Red thanks Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq ) for calling Dr. Clemons and other services. Red goes on saying that there is one more fight left. Liz tells Dembey that sometimes he blames Red, but fate runs his life. Suddenly, Liz’s daughter Agnes Keen (Katherine Kell) comes running into the room. Agnes fondly calls Red (Pinky). Red and Dembe arrive at Cooper’s office. Red comes to remind Cooper (Harry Lennix) of his promise that he will do everything he can to help Liz.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 1 Release Date

The answers are in the letter

The Blacklist Season 8 Finale Recap;  Red is with Elizabeth Keen aka Liz.  she thanks him for bringing her daughter Agnes. Red talks to Liz about the main issue, Now it’s time, to tell the truth about who she is and how he came into her life. The answer to it all is in this letter, written by Liz’s mother and handed over to Liz. but Red tells her that she has one thing to do before she can read the letter: “Take my life”.  Because Liz and Agnes are in more danger than ever. If she kills him and takes her empire under her control, then it will be proved that she is such a force. Who found and killed Raymond Reddington. which no one else could do. Liz plans to move to New York with Agnes. Dembe and Red sit together and reminisce about the past.

Meet Beth Raiker

On the other hand, when Liz connects with Cooper, He tells her that he wants a lot for her, but first and foremost, he wants to keep her safe. He tells her that if she takes over the command of Red, she captures the Blacklist, and she can get his defense. They can work together. But Liz refuses. Beth Ryker (Delphina Belle), a teenage girl who identifies Liz as “Agent Keen”. Now a grown-up, Liz saved her from a bomb (in the pilot episode of The Blacklist). She thanks Liz for saving Beth’s life. But when Liz tells Beth she’s no longer an agent.

Plan to kill Red

In The blacklist finale recap; Liz meets Red at a park, they sit and talk. if she ends his life (Red) and brings her life back on track. Eventually, Liz is granted. She asks him how to do this. Red tells that the next night, his friend Pascual’s restaurant which he has used as his office all season is finally opening, and there will be a celebration for friends and family. When the celebration ends, Dembe will be inside. After Red says goodbye to everyone, she’ll get out and Lease will be waiting in the car, ready to shoot her. It will be right outside the door of the restaurant so that all the CCTV footage will be captured. A picture of Red dying will be leaked to the news around the world. Agnes comes there hugging her mother and Red smiles at both of them. Liz says she can’t see her mother’s letter but know who he really is, why is he here? Red says if she already knows who it is, she will never kill him.

Red and Dembey have many touching moments in this episode. Goes through the plan and Red tells Dembe that he gets everything that belongs to him. Liz calls Aram (Amir Arison), apologizing for what she has done. Aram tells this to Cooper.

Liz moments with Agnes

In The Blacklist Season 8, Episode 22 recap; Liz is outside the restaurant with Agnes, she asks Mom why she looks so sad. Liz says her friend is sick, but she is trying to be brave. Liz says she has lived a good and thrilling life. And feels lucky that he has so many friends who love him. Agnes (Katherine Kell) tells her mother her friend is blessed. After Liz tells Agnes I-love-you and says no matter what happens, she loves her to the moon. Cooper believes that Liz is going to kill Red to show that she is no longer an agent. Cooper tries to call Red while Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) leaves the hospital.

Liz Final talk with Red

Inside the restaurant, all of Red’s friends enjoy dinner. Red gets up, takes off his hat, gives Dembe a sweet hug. Outside the restaurant, Park (Laura Sohn) and Cooper arrive with backup. Dembe has a letter in his hand. Red opens the door, stands at the designated place, behind Liz is a gun in his hand. As Red turns back, Liz says she can’t. Red replied, “It’s okay, I understand,”.

Elizabeth Keen aka Liz’s death

In the final moments of episode 22, A gunshot fired through Liz’s back into the air, blood spilling down her chest, onto her white shirt. And Liz falls to the ground. As Liz falls, Vandyke stands behind her holding a gun. Lal immediately shoots him. (At the end of the lease, before his eyes, memories of his good life come to him.) As Reddington comes back to her. takes Liz in his arms, she looks at her the day she met him, and all moments unfold before her eyes. And then Katrina’s face becomes Liz’s face. Finally, she finds Red before her eyes, dying in his arms. December arrives, and Reddington drives off the road. Before he walks away from her and wrestler, Cooper, Aram and Park rush to her aid.

The Blacklist Season 8 Finale

One question still remained unanswered. That’s who Reddington really is. Liz died without an answer to that question, leaving behind her daughter Agnes as well. We know, Blacklist has been renewed for Season 9 (tv acute updated soon). And wait, but what would the story be without the lease? Will you find the answer to all these questions with Liz’s daughter Agnes who is still a little girl?

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  1. The writers almost killed the series with the “Tom Keene” character. So glad they killed him off. An episode without Spader is just another tv show. Although the Elizabeth Keene Character is not quite so obnoxious as Tom I was getting a little tired of the story arc. Good writers should be able to come up with enough stories for at least 1 more season but I would hope for more. Will be interesting to see who Reddington’s main contact will be with Elizabeth gone. One of only 3 network shows I watch. Thank God for on demand movies!

  2. I think it was fake death of liz she will come back in next season with a new face. Who agree with this??

  3. Not answering the question that this series has been about was a MAJOR mistake, and Jon Bokencamp’s departure the day after the finale aired tells me he was NOT in agreement with killing off Liz. Season 9 will be 10-13 episodes at most.

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