The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 16 Recap of “Nicholas Obenrader”

The Blacklist Season 8 - Episode 16- Photos

In the previous episode 16 of The Blacklist, Baker kills Bryan Heller and two women at the reception. Call Obenrader, Bryan does not find Charlie and leaves. Red Ressler explains, behind the IRS audit that the company and its employees have disappeared is Nicholas Obenader. Liz sees Thomas with Townsend and asks Cooper about the leaves’ puzzle.

Aram is surprised Liz is also in Paris, with a man named Rocco. Red tells Demby that her life is in danger after me. That’s why he wants to meet Priya Rezler and Park to see Charles Totten dead, take Nicholas Obenrader with him to the bureau, and interrogate him. Red meets the man Ivan Stepanov in Paris. Red tells Cooper that he is not clear, that Obnander will give some information about Townsend. Red with Dembe, he catches Priya and Nigel. Townsend tells his men to keep Liz busy.

Park and Wrestler were taking Obnader somewhere. The SWAT team shoots Park and Wrestler and takes Obenrader with them. In which Red and Dembe are already seated. Wrestler and Park are perfectly fine. Perhaps it was a well-thought-out conspiracy. Red inquires Obenrader about Townsend. He just said that he talks to Townsend over the phone and never met. Red tells him that if he wants his client list back then put Priya there.

We know, Townsend only pretends to trust Liz, in fact, he doesn’t. Wrestler, Aram, and Park keep an eye on Priya. she gets a call, someone asks to sit in the blue van. Ressler also puts a bug under that van. When they hit the van, Priya actually goes inside the van and down a tunnel. Liz tells Ressler on the phone that Townsend has given her a job, Townsend is listening. Liz is with Priya, she hangs on Wrestler. The van is stopped, Park pulls it over and sees the trap door inside, they have been tricked.

Dembe and Red are waiting at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Priya is sitting with Townsend and pays the payment of the one who steals. Townsend leaves the room. On the other hand, Townsend kidnaps Ivan Stepanov. And inquire with him. Stepanov says that Katrina was N13. Townsend also obtains information about Red.

The End

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