Get ready For Today Night! That Girl Lay Lay Episode 1: Bringing Magic to Life

That Girl Lay Lay Promo 4 - September 23, 2021 (Nickelodeon

That Girl Lay Lay, a brand-new buddy comedy series coming on Nickelodeon, is bringing magic to life. Friendships may be found in the most unexpected places, and this is especially true in the new series “That Girl Lay Lay. When Lay Lay (Alaya High) comes to life, Sadie (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) gets more than she wished for. Are you ready for it? has brought the promo for That Girl Lay Lay Episode 1, along with information on how to watch it. What is the plot of the “That Girl Lay Lay tv series”, and when will it be available to watch? What you need to know is right here.

That Girl Lay Lay Episode 1 Release Date

Nickelodeon‘s “That Girl Lay Lay” Season 1 premieres on Thursday, September 23rd at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT), The first season has 13 episodes, every episode will arrive weekly basis. available on Direct TV.

That Girl Lay Lay Episode 1 Details

That Girl Lay Lay Episode 1 titled “Out the App” follows Sadie’s hype-girl avatar, Lay Lay, magically transforms into flesh and blood; using her innate charm, Lay Lay convinces Sadie that the best way to stand out is to run for student council.

That Girl Lay Lay Season 1 Story

In That Girl Lay Lay Show, created by David A. Arnold, phone avatar Lay Lay is the ideal hype girl and best friend someone could ever want from a personal affirmation app. Sadie (Green), who is struggling to stand out at school and needs a best friend to talk to, wishes upon a star that Lay Lay was real and could teach her how to stand out. When her desire comes true and Lay Lay (High) is magically brought to life, the two friends discover that they can do anything when they work together.

That Girl Lay Lay Season 1 Cast

Lay is played by That Girl Lay Lay (teen hip-hop artist Alaya High), Sadie Alexander is played by Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Caleb Brown in the role of Jeremy Miller (Sadie and Lay Lay’s classmate), Marky Alexander (Sadie’s brother), is played by Peyton Perrine III, Tiffany Daniels in the role of Trish Alexander (Sadie’s mom) and Bryce Alexander (Sadie’s dad) is played by Thomas Hobson

Principal Willingham role of Andrea Barber, Gigi is played by Anna-Grace Arnold, and Ms. Calloway is played by Christine Rodriguez, Tiffany is played by Kensington Tallman, Bria is played by Emma Winnick, Sean Lugnut is played by Philip Glasgow, Daniel is played by Isaiah Morgan are a recurring character on the show.

Will Packer (Little, Ride Along) and Carolyn Newman serve as executive producers, with Toy Monique Hawkins and Peggy Cheng. created by Will Packer and his production business Will Packer Media. Arnold is the showrunner and executive producer. Executive producers are John Beck and Ron Hart (Side Hustle, Fuller House, Liv, and Maddie).

Who is Alaya High?

Alaya High, also known as That Girl Lay Lay, is a 14-year-old American rapper and hip-hop musician. Her debut track, Go Lay Lay Go, was released in the year 2018, and she is well-known for it. She is also well-known for becoming the first youngest rapper to get a record deal with Empire Records. She recently gained notoriety after signing a deal with Nickelodeon for the year 2020.

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