Tatyana Ali’s Vanished: Searching for My Sister Release Date – Cast – Trailer

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Nothing compares to the love of a sister. And when one of her twins vanishes without a trace, one sister will go to any length to find her. Vanished: Searching for My Sister, which boasts a fantastic cast and is sure to keep us riveted to the screen with bated breath, delivers all the visceral drama and thrills to Lifetime. In the upcoming drama, the lead actress Tatyana Ali will play twins Jada and Kayla in a double role. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming film.

When is the premiere of ‘Vanished: Searching for My Sister’ on Lifetime?

‘Vanished: Searching for My Sister’ will premiere on Lifetime on January 22, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST.

What is the plot of ‘Vanished: Searching for My Sister’?

According to the official synopsis, “Twins Jada and Kayla (both played by Tatyana Ali) could not be more opposite: Jada being the mild-mannered sister with an office job, and Kayla the wild child. Recently divorced from her husband Warren (Justin Bruening), Kayla asks Jada to watch her daughter while she sets up her new apartment. But after a few days with no word from Kayla, Jada begins to worry and reports her sister missing. With no leads and the police investigation at a standstill, Jada takes matters into her own hands. She disguises herself as her sister and gets pulled into a world of drugs and deceit in order to learn the shocking truth about what really happened to Kayla.”

Vanished: Searching for My Sister Cast

Tatyana Ali is the star of the upcoming Lifetime film “Vanished: Searching for My Sister.” Justin Bruening, Jasmine Guy, Carolyn Hennesy, Treach, and Christina Welsh will also appear in the film.

Vanished: Searching for My Sister Trailer

Vanished: Searching for My Sister — Sneak Peek

Jada is the twin who looks to have everything under control. She’s capable, self-sufficient, and has a steady office job. She’s a sweetheart who doesn’t seem to get into any mischief. but Kayla is a wild child. as a result, the danger appears to follow her about wherever she goes, as evidenced by a quick glance at the trailer.

Tim Woodward Jr. serves as the film’s special advisor, and Leslie Greif serves as the film’s producer.

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