S.W.A.T. Episode 3×13 Promo + Photos Going to New City – Tokyo!

S.W.A.T. Episode 3x13 Promo + Photos Going to New City - Tokyo!

We proceed to begin this SWAT season 3 episode 13 with some news. we’re especially for — the following new episode will be particularly a universal issue!

In the wake of spending the recent years viewing a story based generally in Los Angeles, there’s something exceptionally enjoyment about finding a good pace group spread their wings and take on a story new destination. Specifically, they will be Now in city of T.o.k.y.o.

so guys, Are you ready for more explorer in J.A.P.A.N with the swat team, watch SWAT season 3 episode 13 promo and synopsis below.

“Ekitai Rashku” title of SWAT Season 3 Episode 13, airing Wednesday, January 29th on CBS.

 Hondo, Deacon, Tan and Commander Hicks engage in a manhunt across Tokyo when they escort an extradited fugitive to Japan, where he escapes local custody. Back in Los Angeles, the rest of SWAT search for any contacts the criminal cultivated while hiding out in Los Angeles, and Street isolates himself from the team as he deals with family issues.

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