Summer Camp Movie Filming Locations: Where was ‘Summer Camp’ 2024 filmed?

SUMMER CAMP is a fun American comedy movie that was written and directed by Castille Landon. It’s about Nora, Ginny, and Mary, three lifelong friends who get back together for a summer camp journey. Kathy Bates, Beverly D’Angelo, Nicole Richie, Josh Peck, Betsy Sodaro, Dennis Haysbert, and Eugene Levy are some of the actors in the movie. The movie takes place at a busy summer camp with lots of fun things to do. Let’s explore the Summer camp movie filming locations.

Where was ‘Summer Camp’ 2024 filmed?

This movie, SUMMER CAMP, was shot from April 2023 to the end of May 2023. North Carolina was used for most of the shooting, especially Camp Pinnacle and Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville. The emotional and exciting scenes in the movie looked great against these backdrops. Landon told the Courier-Journal, “I spent a lot of time in the Louisville area when I was a kid.” “The World’s Championships were held there, and my family owned American Saddlebreds. It’s in the middle of horse country.” I sold my house in Los Angeles after 12 years and moved to Louisville at the start of 2020. “Going back to horse country was the best choice I’ve ever made.”

Western North Carolina

Producer Dori Rath said that while the team was looking for a place to film, they fell in love with the mountains in Western North Carolina. The area was great for SUMMER CAMP because of its natural beauty and variety of landscapes. The mountains, forests, and tourist spots in the area all helped make the movie experience visually beautiful and immersive.

Camp Pinnacle, Hendersonville

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Camp Pinnacle was very important to the movie. The site covers 126 acres and is in Flat Rock, North Carolina. DuPont State Forest is only a short drive away. Producer Dori Rath and her team looked into more than 200 summer camps in the US and picked this one. Rath said that Camp Pinnacle stood out because it had a beautiful, movie-like scenery and great activity-based structures like the Sky Ropes course.

According to citizen-times Some of the things that made Camp Pinnacle a great place to film are listed below:

Private Wolfe Lake is a 20-acre lake where you can swim, play water games, paddleboard, boat, and kayak.There are sports facilities for tennis, soccer, basketball, gun shooting, and ultimate frisbee. Things that make you feel creative, like art, drawing, yoga, improv, and music. Outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, and climbing on rocks. Keaton also talked about how friendly the actors were with each other, especially in scenes like river rafts where they had to work together. Even though there were problems, Keaton enjoyed working with her co-stars and thought the setting helped the story.

Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock

Blue Ridge Community College was another important background for the movie. The film looked better visually because it was shot in a variety of beautiful locations on the college grounds.

Extra Locations for Filming

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Besides Camp Pinnacle and Blue Ridge Community College, the movie was also shot in The Nantahala Outdoor Center at Wingate University and UNC Health Pardee in Hendersonville. The cast and director of the comedy movie SUMMER CAMP, which includes Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Eugene Levy, Victoria Rowell, and Josh Peck, all say that Hendersonville, North Carolina, was the best place to shoot. The real camp environment in Henderson County, which is known as “The Summer Camp Capital of the South,” and the over 1,000 local extras who worked on the movie made it more lively. The cast had a good time shooting in Hendersonville.

Diane Keaton talked about how friendly the cast was, Alfre Woodard talked about how real the setting was, and Eugene Levy talked about how charming the place was. Besides Victoria Rowell and Josh Peck, others who liked shooting in Hendersonville said it improved the story and made the movie look better overall.

Summer Camp isn’t just a story about friends getting back together; it’s also a tour of some of Western North Carolina’s most beautiful places. The beautiful scenery at Camp Pinnacle and the other shooting locations made the heartwarming and exciting scenes in the movie look even better. Fans of the movie will love how the beautiful landscapes and real-life sets bring this sweet story to life.

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