A preview of the Star Trek: Prodigy episode 6, “Kobayashi”

Star Trek: Prodigy

This week, Star Trek: Prodigy comes back from its mid-season break with the sixth episode of the show, “Kobayashi.” Beginning Thursday, January 6th, the episode will be available to stream on Paramount+. It was written by Aaron J. Waltke and was directed by Alan Wan.

Star Trek: Prodigy episode 6 Official synopsis:

As Gwyn struggles to find her role aboard the U.S.S. Protostar, Dal tests his leadership skills in the newly discovered holodeck.

Star Trek: Prodigy’s first season will consist of 20 episodes split into two halves that will stream on Paramount+ before being televised on Nickelodeon.

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Kevin Hageman and Dan Hageman, along with Ben Hibon, are producing the series, which stars Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway, Brett Gray as Dal, Ella Purnell as Gwyn, Angus Imrie as Zero, Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk, Dee Bradley Baker as Murf, Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog, John Noble as The Diviner, and Jimmi Simpson as Dreadnok.

Robert Beltran will reprise his Star Trek: Voyager role as Chokatay on the series, and will be joined by fellow guest performers Daveed Diggs as Commander Tysess, Jameela Jamil as Ensign Asencia, and Jason Alexander as Doctor Noum, as announced in October.

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