Soulmates Season 1 Episode 2 “The Lovers” Promotional Photos

Soulmates S1 Episode 2 - The Lovers - David costabite as David and Allison

AMC’s newest anthology series Soulmates created in a world where science to find true love. The Lovers is the title of Soulmates’ second episode, its stars David Costabile, Sonya Cassidy, and Karima McAdams.

‘Soulmates’ season 1 episode 2, written by William Bridges and Brett Goldstein. The second episode of Soulmates focuses on David (David Costabile), a special man who meets a woman named Alison (Sonia Cassidy) who claims to be his soulmate. The two later started an affair, which was not surprising as it caused drama in other aspects of his life.

Soulmates Season 1 Episode 2 will release on SUNDAY, October 12 at 10/9c. on AMC. Check out Soulmates Episode 2 Photos and the synopsis below

Read the official synopsis of AMC’ Soulmates Episode 2

Two people jump into a passionate love affair when a woman shows a man proof that she is his soulmate, and the man feels his life shifting drastically, but what should be a scientifically proven perfect match is not all that it seems.

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