Shantaram Season 1 Episode 4 “Bad Medicine” Lin is torn between Sagar Wada’s residents and Khader 

Shantaram Season 1 Episode 4

Apple’s adaptation of Gregory David Roberts’ massive page-turner barely touches the surface of this intricately structured redemption story in its first season Shantaram of 12 episodes. Charlie Hunnam, from Sons of Anarchy, plays Lin, a prison escapee from a harsh Australian facility who intends to lose himself while finding himself in the mayhem of Bombay in the 1980s. Along the way, he encounters a visionary Godfather-style gangster Khader Khan (Alexander Siddig), a collection of eccentric and colorful exiles, and—most significantly—a group of slum dwellers for whom his paramedic training is helpful, despite the fact that the fugitive manages to cause trouble wherever he goes. What else can be said about Shantaram season 1 episode 4 now that it has a major, three-episode launch on Apple TV+? What will happen next? Allow to supply you with all of the information you’ll need to watch the latest episode 4 of ‘ Shantaram Season 1.

Shantaram Season 1 Episode 4 Spoilers

“Bad Medicine”  is the title of an upcoming episode. It is crucial to keep in mind that Lin begins this story as a wanted criminal. No matter what he decides to do, he must constantly be on guard against being discovered. Being in a crowded area might be advantageous, but not as much if he gets involved in the wrong things. At the very least, it’s a risk to consider while you observe the rest of the season’s events.

In the upcoming episode, Lin is torn between Sagar Wada’s residents and Khader’s underground network. Khader Khan will keep deceiving Lin and using the fugitive’s friendship for his own gain. Lin will help him discover what occurred the night Lisa Cater (Elektra Kilbey )was released from the Palace. Khader will persuade and force Lin to do his bidding. Karla Saaranen (Antonia Desplat ) warns Lin that Khader is dangerous Lin is forced to do crimes, despite her warnings. Lin could have to get his hands dirty, or perhaps his medical expertise might come in handy. While Lin will continue to treat the inhabitants’ illnesses, he will soon become an outcast after failing to cure every patient, losing the faith of the neighborhood. Check out the plot summary for Shantaram season 1 episode 4 below to learn more about what will happen next:

Shantaram Episode 4 Synopsis: Lin finds his priorities pulled in two directions: the people of Sagar Wada and Khader’s underground network.

Shantaram Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode of Shantaram Season 1 will air on Apple TV+ on Friday, October 21, 2022. It will be released at 12 a.m. PT and will run for 53 minutes.

Shantaram Episode 3 Recap

To assist the hurt, Lin returns to the flames. He tries to save the life of a woman when he encounters the headman Qasim, but she passes away from heavy bleeding. Lin attributes the catastrophe to himself. Flashbacks show Lin’s journey to prison. He was attacked by a police while bank-robbing with Charlie. Lin attempted to assist the man as Charlie fatally shot him. He wasn’t chased away, therefore he was taken into custody. When Khader meets with Walid to inform him that Rujul is dead, Walid refuses to budge. Both want to be the proprietors of a sizable plot of land that can support skyscrapers. As word of Lin’s expertise spreads, a line forms in front of his hut. He chooses to spend his money on supplies and the shacks’ reconstruction. Lin keeps aiding the injured. Madame Zhou receives threats from Khader for her involvement in Walid’s trading agreement. He claims that she is now his property and will obey his commands. He then takes Lin on a tour of Bombay after picking him up. Khader is taken aback by Lin. Lin and Karla reunite in the club. Karla and Khader make out they are strangers. In Khader’s region, Zhou instructs Maurizio to begin distributing heroin. Obviously, Khader is getting even for his earlier threats. Lakshmi’s funeral is missed by Lin. Ravi, the son of Lakshmi, attacks him when he returns. Qasim steps in and gives Lin the hut of the deceased widow. Though it appears to be more of a punishment than a present.

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