[Season Finale] NCIS: Sydney Episode 8 Recap

At the end of the first season of NCIS: Sydney, Australian Federal Police liaison J.D. (Todd Lasance) faces a predicament when a terrifying clown abducts his 9-year-old kid at his birthday party. The antagonist: a global hitman planning to trade the kid for a mysterious woman in the care of NCIS/AFP. Hurry up and get this “rinky-dink operation” fixed before the FBI swoops in and takes over. However, the season finale will not be complete without a surprising turn of events.

[Season Finale] NCIS: Sydney Episode 8 Recap

A well-known Russian spy was caught by NCIS. Things have been going really well for the Sydney branch lately. Everything was closed, and all that was left was to watch over the spy until she could be moved. The US was trying to figure out who the spy named Monroe was.

Like anyone else in that situation, they wanted to know more about their enemies. They knew Russia would want her back, but they didn’t think Russia would go as far as they would to get her back. No one thought they would go after family members of the people who caught her. Someone took JD’s son from his own birthday party. Jack is the child’s name. He was nine years old. His mom had a clown and cake for his birthday. Only the clown wasn’t amusing.

His kids hated him until all of a sudden he made Jack disappear. At first, they thought that was cool, but then they realized Jack never came back. The clown then drove off with Jack, and Jack’s mother called JD. At the time, JD was questioning the spy. The spy was the one who told him to answer the phone. She was known as Anna Niemus the spy. At first, she said she was Irish. After that, she said she was Russian. The caller told JD his son had been taken, and that’s how he found out.

After about an hour, JD got another call. That time, it was the clown calling. They were told to make a trade by the clown, who spoke with an Eastern European accent. The girl that NCIS had in their care for the boy. Then JD lost it. He tried to scare Anna into giving him information. And Mackey stopped him from hitting Anna to find out what was going on.

He was going to get his son back with Mackey’s help. There was no question about it. It was clear that Mackey thought things through and stopped him. She told him that Anna had planned to kill fifty people in a bunker, but the plan went wrong when everyone got out alive. After that, Anna didn’t do anything else. She shouldn’t have known about his son. She couldn’t tell them where Jack was because her plan didn’t depend on him. She could, however, tell them who sent their clown kidnapper.

A birthday party guest took a picture of the clown. Blue was able to get a picture of him without any makeup on, which they used to question Anna. Anna wouldn’t say who sent this man. Every few minutes, she changes the way she talks. It looks like she’s Irish again. She only said that the man they were looking for was dangerous. They were told to go quickly. They kept looking for the man she told them about. They even found the real clown he killed and put on a bomb. So, the way the man died showed that the person who took them was religious.

On all of his victims, he put a sign of the Russian Orthodox Church. They tried to talk to a Russian Orthodox Priest in Sydney, which has a large Russian community. The priest said he didn’t know the man in the picture, but someone gave them away. They found the fake clown by using the food delivery orders he had placed. When they got to where he was, he left. It was thought to be the priest by everyone. Priest, thanks for that! After that, they looked at what they had on Anna. They found the spy tool she used. First, JD broke it to make it look like it didn’t have an off button. Then he showed Anna.

Anna thought she was going to die in that bunker because JD told her that. Anna told him the name of the kidnapper. Then they learned that Anna would be picked up by the CIA. They knew time was running out, so JD helped Anna get away. He took her to the store. He was going to trade her for his son, but Yaroslav changed his mind. He meant to kill everyone. Jack was there. She got a gun from JD before the meeting. Yaroslav was killed with the gun. She also had the power to kill JD, but she chose not to.

Anna instead gave him the number of someone they could give to the CIA. It was yet another overnight spy. His name was Colonel Richard Rankin this time. He was with Mackey when they got pictures from space of JD with his son and Anna. NCIS searched for him after he went missing with the girl. They even caught Anna as she gave JD that number and then ran away. This time for real. Anna was not here. JD got his son back. But Mackey was ready with a gun for the Colonel because JD had called that number. Also, everyone could hear the Colonel’s phone ring.

It turned out that the American Colonel was telling the Russians things. Now that Mackey had her eyes on him and her gun drawn, he wasn’t going to get away. That’s where the show left off for the last episode of the season!

NCIS: Sydney Season 1: Is Colonel Rankin Kidnapped JD’s Son Jack?

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