Season Finale: Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8 – Nate will die

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8

Based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8 it carries a title And Salt the Earth Behind You that airs next week Sundays at 10 pm on HBO . it is finale episode of the season 1 .We’ll have a long wait until Season 2 premieres. The series has been renewed for a second season on July .

Here’s no  Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8  official synopsis but we have a Promo below. First we will read a spoiler about a Nate who will die in this episode.

Will Someone Die in Episode 8?

Reported by heavy  Someone is going to beat up Nate and maybe kill him. I don’t think Rue’s strong enough, so it could be Mouse or Fezco. But some fans think it’s Cal. Others think it will be someone out of left field, like maybe Jules’ dad getting payback for how Nate treated his daughter.

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8 Promo

How To Watch Finale Episode 8 for Euphoria

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8  will air 4th August , Sunday at 10pm on HBO.

You can watch stream online on the HBO apps which are HBO Go and HBO Now, that is the best options for all the HBO lovers. Moreover many options are here like Hulu, Sling, and Roku that can also help you stream .

Euphoria Renewed for Season 2

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