SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 15 Preview of “Nightmare of My Choice”

SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 15 Preview of

The most-watched CBS military drama SEAL Team is going to be very important tonight, so are you ready for the 15th season of SEAL Team Season 4 titled “Nightmare of My Choice”? One, it will be the penultimate episode. Second, we are going to lose someone from the Bravo team. For the past few weeks, there has been one of the biggest missions, Boko Haram, which will still continue. The Bravo team and the Alpha team are working together to take the mission to life. Both teams have come into action. Bravo team helicopter crashes. One member of the Bravo team may be killed or injured. Meanwhile, big news, we know, SEAL Team Season 4 is at its peak and CBS has announced the renewal of the fifth season. Obviously, Season 4 can bring us to the Cliffhanger. For the next season, the ViacomCBS streaming service from CBS will be available on Paramount +. let’s watch the promo of SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 15.

SEAL Team Episode 4.15 Synopsis: Bravo joins forces with the Alpha team to protect a crucial Nigerian pipeline that is under attack by Boko Haram; a team member is injured and Jason and Clay fight to save his life; Bravo discovers that an even more dangerous enemy is attacking them.
Seal Team Season 4 Episode 14 will arrive on Wednesday, May 19 at 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT on the CBS. The episode was written by Spencer Hudnut & Mark H. Semos and directed by David Boreanaz. Previous seasons of the SEAL team are now available to stream if you want to catch up.

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