RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 7 Recap “The Daytona Wind” Who is the winner of the lip-sync competition?

“The Daytona Wind” is the title of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14, Episode 7 which aired Feb 18. according to the synopsis, The queens don shoulder pads and flex their acting muscles in a campy ’80s soap opera; LGBT activist TS Madison guest judges. We got to ride another Drag Race episode along with “The Daytona Wind.” A round of Drag Race that was both perplexing and hilarious felt like a breath of fresh air. the fart jokes were successful in eliciting all of the laughter. Drag Race has a long history of sad filler weeks. this episode didn’t feel like filler. Who is the winner of the lip-sync competition? let’s find out everything in the recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 7.

Returning to the Werk Room, the queens read Maddy Morphosis’ lipstick note. During Untucked, Jasmine Kennedie discusses her disagreement with Maddy and how she sent Maddy home in the lip-sync. Lady Camden is pumped up and ready to take on the next Maxi Challenge. Daya Betty bemoans Jorgeous’ clothing and how her hard effort on the big stage was going unnoticed. Jorgeous is depressed, but she is asserting herself. Daya Betty offers an insincere apology to Jorgeous the next day for her words in the previous round. The Maxi Challenge, according to RuPaul, is an acting competition for the overdramatic soap opera “The Daytona Wind.” Jorgeous is in charge of assigning all of the acting roles. During rehearsals and recording, RuPaul will serve as the director. Jorgeous intends to cast himself in the role she desires, followed by a democratic process in which each queen is cast in the role she desires.

Maddie Smith O’Hara is played by Jasmine, Sierra is played by Jorgeous, Maggie is played by DeJa Skye, Fancy is played by Bosco, Deandra is played by Kerri Colby, the spring break sisters are played by Willow Pill and Daya Betty, and Leona is played by Lady Camden. In their roles, Angeria and Lady Camden must kiss. Daya Betty and Willow Pill having a lot of fun practicing their lines together. Bosco is sure of herself in her job, but she only has one. Kerri, DeJa, and Jorgeous are all working on their lines. While rehearsing, DeJa keeps missing her lines. Jorgeous is concerned because she has failed the last two acting competitions. In front of RuPaul, the queens rehearse and film their scenes.

DeJa, Jorgeous, and Kerri Davenport film their scene first. RuPaul instructs DeJa to speak with a Southern drawl, causing her to stumble over her phrases and accent. RuPaul chuckles at Jorgeous’ expressions as Kerri feeds her line. Jasmine’s acting is so terrible that it’s actually hilarious. All of the queens, including RuPaul, are giggling. Daya Betty raises the stakes after she pushes herself to capture the spotlight, and Willow Pill makes an impact with her first line. With her solo steal, Bosco shines. Lady Camden’s performance impresses everyone, but Angeria keeps forgetting her lines. The queens return to the Werk Room the next day to prepare. Angeria is concerned that she may fall to the bottom, and Willow tries to reassure her. Daya apologises to Jorgeous and wishes for the two of them to be friends again. Lady Camden discusses a BDSM festival in San Francisco. They discuss the runway this week. The guest judge is Ts Madison. The runway category is called “Chaps on the Runway.” Willow Pill is dressed in a black leather bodysuit with an atomic wedgie, Bosco is dressed in a pink leather motorcycle girl with fringe, DeJa is dressed in blue cheetah chaps with a blue bodysuit, Kerri Colby is dressed in a hairy cheap suit with long dreads, Jorgeous is dressed in lacy chaps below her waist with diamond bikini lingerie, Angeria Paris VanMichaels is dressed in golden disco chaps.

The Daytona Wind’s cut is viewed by the queens. Fart noises have been added to some of the scenes. Angeria, DeJa, and Kerri are all safe. During the week, there are no bottoms because all of the queens did an outstanding job. Lip-sync For The Win will be performed by the top two queens. The judges loved her glittery look but wanted her to push harder in acting, Jasmine’s acting made them laugh and they liked her runway, Lady Camden’s acting and her surprise runway reveal, Daya Betty blew them away on the runway and in acting, Willow Pill’s acting and runway were silly fun, and Bosco nailed her small acting role and runway. Michelle Visage wants more from Jorgeous, the judges thought Jasmine was iconic, Lady Camden blew everyone away, Daya Betty made an impression this week, Willow Pill divided the judges, and Bosco killed it in her acting role. Jorgeous is in good hands. Jasmine Kennedie is not in danger. Lady Camden is at the top of the leaderboard. Bosco is in good hands. Willow Pill is a completely safe supplement. Daya Betty is in the first place. Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” is a lip-sync song. With her lip-sync, Daya strives for an edgy atmosphere, while Lady Camden goes for campy comic energy. Lady Camden is the winner of the lip-sync competition.

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