Romulus Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Photos & Episode Guide

Romulus Season 2 Episode 1 Photos

Romulus show depicts the feelings of brotherhood, friendship, and love that are worthy of the legend of Roma. Following the success of the first season of the Sky Originals series, Romulus, a second season has been ordered for renewal. Filming for new episodes of the popular period drama series “Romulus” season two, in collaboration with ITV Studios, is currently taking place in and around Rome which will continue until November. The first season aired on Sky every Friday from 6 November 2020 and is available in streaming on NOW.  It is expected that Romulus season two will come onscreen in 2022. Let’s find out more about ROMULUS Season 2, the original series from Sky, everything we all know.

Romulus Season 2 Episode 1 Photos

Sky reveals first-look Photos for the second season of the hit period drama series ROMULUS. 

Romulus Season 2 Cast

Sky adds 5 new casts for Romulus season 2. The stars of the first series as Andrea Arcangeli as Yemos
Marianna Fontana as Ilia
Francesco Di Napoli as Wiros
Valentina Bellè playing Ersilia,
Max Malatesta play as Sabos
Ludovica Nasti as Vibia,
Giancarlo Commare as Atys, the young king of Satricum
Emanuele Maria Di Stefano as the king of the Sabines Titos Tatios, son of the God Sancos, the most powerful enemy of Rome.

Reprising their roles are Sergio Romano (as Amulius), Demetra Avincola (as Deftri), and Vanessa Scalera (as Silvia).

Romulus Season 2 Episode Guide

There will be a total of eight episodes in season two.

Just like the first season of the series, already distributed by ITV Studios in more than 40 territories, also the second series is entirely filmed in archaic Latin and again directed by Matteo Rovere, Michele Alhaique, and Enrico Maria Artale, joined by Francesca Mazzoleni who is going to direct one of the new installments.

Filippo Gravino and Guido Iuculano are once again in charge of the screenplay, alongside new additions Flaminia Gressi and Federico Gresini .

About Romulus Series

Yemos and Wiros, together as brothers, have founded their city and consecrated it to Rumia. Roma and its two kings soon become a symbol of freedom and hospitality, but they catch the attention of a powerful enemy: the king of the Sabines, Titos Tatios.

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