Riverdale Season 6 Episode 10 Recap “Chapter One Hundred and Five: Folk Heroes”

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

Tonight on The CW the hit mystery and romantic drama Riverdale airs with an all-new Sunday, April 17, 2022, episode and we have your Riverdale recap below. In tonight’s Riverdale season 6 episode 10, “Chapter One Hundred and Five: Folk Heroes,” as per The CW synopsis, “To get the town of Riverdale out from under Percival’s grip, Archie, Jughead and Betty devise a plan to turn Archie into a modern-day folk hero by performing a series of impossible feats. Meanwhile, Percival takes aim at Veronica, Toni, and Tabitha, pitting them and their businesses against one another. Finally, after falling ill, Cheryl makes a surprising discovery about herself.”

Over his laptop, Jughead laments the lack of a modern-day folk hero in Riverdale. Veronica is invited to stay in Percival Pickens’ champagne suite. Percival offers to pay a substantial cost for the suite in exchange for the opportunity to sing at the casino. Veronica consents to his remaining. Britta informs Cheryl that her parents have welcomed her and desire to welcome her into their family. Percival Pickens wants to remodel and repair Phickens Park, which includes a restored statue of his forefather. Because of General Pickens’ past, Archie and Tabitha are opposed to the statue. Percival unveils the town’s new welcome sign, which no longer includes Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. He teases Tabitha by claiming that the firms are fighting for the billboard. He believes Tabitha should compete with Veronica for the billboard spot.

Jughead employs a mental trick to combat Percival’s mind control. Jughead wants to create a hometown hero, and he believes Archie is the greatest candidate because of his Riverdale heritage. Cheryl becomes overheated, and her book catches fire. It ends up being a nightmare. Archie and Jughead announce their plans to reopen the El Royale as a gym and youth center at the town meeting. Archie will be put to the test in a couple of rounds of strength by a representative from Guinness World Records. Instead of Pop’s, Percival, Frank, and Alice decide to put Babylonium on the billboard. Tabitha becomes enraged and flees the house. Archie passes a test in which he wears cement blocks on his chest and nails on his back, is sledgehammered, and survives a frozen nap. Archie is the world’s strongest guy, according to Guinness World Records. In commemoration of Archie, Jughead intends to erect a statue.

Jughead wants to fight K.O. Kelly in a boxing bout; Archie will not knock him out, and K.O. will win on a technicality. Tabitha is perplexed as to why the Babylonium is eroding her revenues. Toni’s business is suffering as a result of the casino’s free drinks. Cheryl rehires Darius to assist her in dealing with her illness. Toni and Tabitha learn that the casino is providing free restaurant meals and alcoholic beverages to its customers. Cheryl finds Darius’ burned body/ash in her chamber as she wakes up. She believes Abigail’s doll is to blame, but Nana Blossom is certain the doll isn’t to blame. For the match, K.O. Kelly arrived in town. He’s not going to assist put up the ring; instead, he’s going to Veronica’s casino. Betty arrives to assist in the investigation of why Darius’ feet did not burn up. Tabitha and Toni join forces to create a restaurant and bar vibe. Toni wants to bring back a Serpent tradition as a new gimmick. Veronica accepts Percival’s invitation to become an investor in her casino. He taunts Reggie, implying that he knows more about his backroom operations.

Reggie’s slot machines at Mantle Motors are discovered by Veronica. She forbids him from returning to Babylonia and her bed. Darius spontaneously combusted, according to Dr. Curdle Jr. Cheryl is concerned that she may be the next to combust, so Betty offers to stay the night to protect her. Percival confronts Archie at the gym and tries to persuade him to commit suicide. The boxcutter shatters on Archie’s arm, jolting him back to reality. Veronica is persuaded by Percival to visit the Whyte Wyrm. Toni and Tabitha dance together on stage in “Private Dancer.” Cheryl’s temperature is fast rising, so Betty puts her in an ice bath. Betty is going to contact the FBI’s paranormal investigation branch. Archie cautions Jughead about Percival’s mind control and how close he came to winning.

after his confrontation with K.O. Kelly, Jughead wants to make a major move. Toni performs a dance on the pole at the Whyte Wyrm, which Fangs witnesses. In the meantime, Babylonium is deserted, as everyone has gone to the Whyte Wyrm. Percival has a plan to set fire to the tavern. Pop Tate is irritated by the fact that alcohol is provided in the pub. Toni’s dancing irritates Fangs, who is fighting for custody of Baby Anthony. Veronica is furious with Percival and sends him out of the casino for thinking she would firebomb her pals. Reggie is irritated by Veronica’s recent problems. The wise men believe he should strengthen their relationship. Outside the cafe, Percival Pickens ambushes K.O. He makes use of his mind-control abilities. After walking into traffic, K.O. is brought to the hospital. Since K.O. is unable to battle Archie in the ring, Percival offers to do so. Archie agrees, but Percival must resign from the town council if he loses the duel. Archie must endorse the General Pickens statue if Percival wins. Cheryl is believed to be causing pyrokinesis, according to FBI agent Drake.

Toni, Tabitha, and Veronica come together to discuss their enterprises. The three women come up with a business concept that benefits everyone; Tabitha is the one who came up with the idea. Cheryl’s new skill is being taught to her by Betty and Nana Blossom. A boxing battle takes place between Archie and Percival. Percival tries to employ his mind control skill in the ring, but it is ineffective. Percival gives Archie a sucker punch. Cheryl uses her abilities to set fire to the logs and a photograph of her mother. In the ring, Percival knocks Archie unconscious. Archie will no longer receive a medal from Guinness World Records. Percival had stolen the palladium from Betty’s FBI office and stashed it in his boxing glove. Percival had Alice under his control and convinced her to let him into the house so he could steal Betty’s secrets. Percival Pickens’ statue was erected in the park. Cheryl’s ability to conjure fire is now activated. Percival informs Sheriff Keller and Frank of his intention to murder Tabitha.

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