Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 Recap “Solaricks”

the sixth season of “Rick and Morty” begins with an episode that acts as both the series’ soft reset and a resolution to  Season 5 conclusion. The episode is titled “Solaricks,” and it draws on previous seasons’ lore and plot to tell us exactly how long time we’ve invested with Rick and his family of dimension-hoppers. In order to escape Rick’s Central Finite Curve, Evil Morty devised a big plan in the fifth season of the show that involved using all of the portal fluid that was still available, collapsing the Citadel, and permanently altering the multiverse as it is currently understood. The titular pair were now imprisoned in the damaged portion of the Citadel that they had been able to salvage after Evil Morty made his dramatic leave, floating through space. But this was actually only the start. “Solaricks” has a lot of material to cover because Season 6 picks up right after this cliffhanger and needs to investigate the immediate repercussions of it all before moving on to new adventures (tvacute.com).Here is a recap of all the significant events from Rick and Morty’s significant Season 6 premiere:

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

Rick breaks out the scenario at the start of the episode as he and Morty are still stranded in the fragment of the Citadel that has broken off and are drifting through space. The portal cannon is malfunctioning, it has been a while since the fifth season ended, and the team is out of alternatives for food, water, and energy. When Space Beth suddenly shows up on a ship to save them, the two of them are prepared to die. Rick and Morty are rescued after some debate. Rick returns the two of them to their home and says that he needs to restart the portal index in order to travel across multiverses once more, but this doesn’t actually work because he resets portal passengers instead (rather than travel). Here, Summer is tasked by Rick with assisting Rick, Morty, and Jerry in travelling back to the C-137 universe while they are perverted back to their respective original universes. Here, Beth and Space Beth are informed about the Rick and Morty bodies in the backyard.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2: Morty is trapped

Although it is unpleasant for Summer at first, both Beths ultimately decide to travel with Summer on the next quest to save Rick. Rick goes back to the world he first encountered during the events of his origin tale,.    and it is revealed that Morty  has created a version of his deceased wife Diane as an A.I. that haunts him.Morty eventually runs into Jerry from the Cronenberg universe while navigating the Cronenberg universe. Returning to Summer and the two Beths, we see Beth clumsily navigating the missing as Summer tries her best to enjoy herself with her hip new mom. Everyone else is caught in a time loop that has been frozen at the exact same day as when Rick’s original Diane and Beth had passed away, it is then revealed in Rick’s original universe. All of the people are now ageing at a constant rate while their minds are resetting.

The Rick he has been looking for since the Season 5 flashback is one he won’t be able to locate, Rick then says. Rick departs from the ghost of Diane he had created before entering a wormhole in a much more irrational attempt to travel to another universe. Returning to Morty, it is revealed that Beth and Summer from the Cronenberg universe have passed away since we last saw them. As a result, Jerry has developed into a survivor who has been able to live at the expense of his humanity. Then he flees after stealing all of Morty’s belongings. When Morty finally catches up with Jerry, he tries to reason with him, but Jerry is upset since Morty betrayed him and left the universe to perish. Jerry rejects Morty’s offer to take him to another universe and continues. Rick is able to locate himself in the midst of his wormhole, and it’s at this point that Summer recognises that if he’s having difficulties leaving his own reality, it’s likely that the Rick he’s looking for is having trouble finding him as well. Rick entirely switches gears to looking finding Morty’s Rick after reuniting with Morty.
He says that Morty’s original Rick from the Cronenberg reality, who slaughtered his family, did not actually pass away but simply left Morty behind. In the hopes that the Rick he was looking for would return, Rick had specifically chosen this Morty. This other Rick, later identified as “Rick Prime,” who will be referred to as such in this recap, finds the C-137 Rick and follows him to a sphere buried in space. As part of the elaborate trick he had set up to chaos with any Ricks that could find him. Rick wants to follow Rick Prime, but Morty dissuades him from doing so. Invoking the fact that they have shared so many adventures, they can be considered grandfather and grandson in all except name. Summer intervenes in the conflict between the two Beths for Summer’s attention by by explaining that she genuinely just wants to hang out more without being fixated on it. After rescuing the Beths and Summer, Rick and Morty travel in quest of Jerry in his native realm.
Since the Smith Family has remained static throughout the seasons we have seen,it is revealed that Jerry’s original universe is essentially stuck in Season 2. This is because the Smith Family has never changed. By flipping the bird, Jerry defeats his biological family and the family reconciles. When they return to their own reality, however, Season 2 Jerry unintentionally releases “Mr. Frundles,” an adorable extraterrestrial creature that immediately bites and infects everything in its path with Frundleses.

The entire family buries their elder selves in the backyard after travelling to a new timeline in which the Smith family (as well as Space Beth) had been slaughtered. The only negative aspect of this new universe is how strangely they pronounce “Parmesan,” and Rick tells Morty that he’s not truly Prime bait. Rick doesn’t really give a damn about anyone or anything. Contrary to what Rick tries to claim, this Rick has no sympathy whatsoever.
The episode’s post-credits segment shows that Prime Rick approaches Jerry in the Cronenberg universe about speaking with a child or someone who looked like him. Rick was the Rick we had first met in the sphere. After that, Jerry suggests a team-up, and when Rick Prime declines, Jerry tries to kill him. Rick Prime kills Jerry as soon as Jerry’s neck begins to mend. Jerry asks Rick Prime, who has been trying to figure it out himself, why he is there as he passes away.

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