RECAP: We Were the Lucky Ones Episodes 1, 2 and 3: Ending

Based on the book by Georgia Hunter, “We Were the Lucky Ones is a TV show that tells the true story of a Polish Jewish family during World War II. The Kurc family from Radom, Poland, is spread out all over the world as they try to get away from the Nazis who are after them. There is a story that starts in 1938, when the Kurcs are having their last Passover at home. As World War II gets worse, the family faces unimaginable problems, such as being sent away, jailed, and separated.

 Is Addy Kurc played by Logan Lerman Based on a Real Person?

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 1 Recap: Radom

In 1938, Poland was a busy place, and Halina Kurc (Joey King) stood at the train stop getting ready for her big day. Her family was very excited for her brother Addy to come home from Paris in time for the Passover holiday. In a tight hug, Halina embraced Addy as he got off the train. As they walked home together, making up for lost time and enjoying each other’s company, they felt whole.

In the following year, Addy (Logan Lerman) fell deeply in love with a girl he met outside of a club. Even though his mother told him it was dangerous to cross countries, Addy was set on going back home for Passover. Halina was upset about his choice, but she tried to stay positive and think that everything would work out.

On the morning of September 1, 1939, Jakub came to Bella’s house with bad news: they were being sent to East Lvov to fight in the war. When the radio said that the Germans were coming, everyone was scared. The Kurc family’s life turned upside down when the new government took away their store. They had to get used to a hard new reality.

Now that Halina had to support her family, she went to work on a farm and saw a horrible act of violence. The tough nature of her job made her feel bad, and she started to doubt the choices she had made and the direction her life had taken. The day was coming to an end, and Halina went home with a sad heart. Their simple dinner was a sharp reminder of how bad things were for them, but her dad’s words gave them hope. But her angry and scared reaction got unwanted attention, which led to a knock on the door.

She was relieved to see Bella, who had news from their family in Lvov. Even though everyone was okay, Selim wasn’t there. Bella’s choice to move to Lvov to be closer to Jakub Kurc (Amit Rahav) made Halina feel torn. Even though Halina didn’t want to, the unknown future made her give in, and she agreed to go with Bella, not knowing what the future held for their family.

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 2 Recap: Lvov

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 2

The second episode “Lvov” starts with another raid on their town, which makes Sal and Nechuma worry that they will have to leave. When a soldier tells them to leave their flat in thirty minutes, they know what they were afraid of. They need a new place to live, so Sol Kurc (Lior Ashkenazi) , the father, pays off an old friend to help them find one. The family is thankful for an address so they can stay in touch with their kids who are at war, even though their living conditions have changed.

At the same time, Halina and Bella are packing up their things to leave for Lvov. They are about to start a trip that is full of unknowns. Sol makes sure they get to their first stop without any problems by arranging for a horse and carriage to take them there. At the next stop, though, there is trouble because of a language barrier, which turns into a tense standoff with a soldier. Because Bella thinks quickly, they avoid a dangerous situation and keep walking toward the border.

As they travel, things get dangerous when troops and dogs start to surround them. They are eventually caught and put in a military camp for a while. Even though it’s hard, Halina and Bella keep going until they reach Jakub’s house in Lvov.

When Halina gets there, she meets Adam, and their relationship is tense, which suggests that they still have feelings for each other. But Halina stays focused on her goal to help people in need, just like Adam does with his service to the community.

At the end of the episode, ten years have passed, and Addy is still having trouble getting a work visa in the US. Even though Addy was turned down several times, he was determined, so he went straight to the Ambassador and asked for a visa. The Ambassador gave him one, but only on the condition that he leave France right away.

When soldiers show up at Genec Kurc’s house at the end of Episode 2, it’s a new problem for the Kurc family. After pulling him out, they start to question who he is. It turns out that Genec  (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) lied on his rental application, which makes him an enemy now. He is arrested because of this lie, which adds uncertainty and fear to the already difficult trip of the Kurc family.

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 3 Recap: Siberia

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 3

After Genec is arrested, his wife Herta proudly calls herself an enemy, which leads to her own arrest. The couple is taken by train to a new place where they and other people are forced to work in the fields in return for food and a place to stay. Their new leader tells them not to try to run and stresses how important it is to work to survive.

In the meantime, Addy starts his trip to Brazil but ends up on a ship that seems to be going the wrong way. Even though there are delays and problems, he finds comfort in Elizabeth Lowbeer, and their bond grows as they travel.

Back at the work camp, Genec is treated badly by the Commandant, who won’t let him do simple things like rest while his wife is about to give birth. Genec is punished by not being able to eat for a week, even though he tried to talk to the police. His heart, on the other hand, is still strong, and the birth of his daughter gives him strength and comforts his wife during this hard time. At the end of the episode, soldiers walk Halina home from work, which is a hint at more problems the Kurc family will face as they deal with the uncertainty of war and control.

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Is We Were the Lucky Ones on Hulu Based on a True Story?

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